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Come Play Wiz Me

...Zana, down at the pokey, visiting CreePaul. CreePaul is desperately trying to bond -- telling Zana how "mature" he looks, how "proud [his] mother would be," by which he clearly means Mary Alice, not Zana's bio-mom -- but Zana is weirdly withdrawn, with his body all folded in on itself and his voice all teeny. Paul apologizes for everything that's happened, and explains how he wants Zana to be his friend. Zana, suspiciously: "And that's the only reason you wanted to see me, so we could be friends." CreePaul insists that that's for sure the only reason. Except...he needs money to hire a private investigator to track down Felicia. At the mention of money, Zana -- fresh off his sad revelation that the only reason people like him is because of his fortunes -- visibly bristles. Totally oblivious, CreePaul keeps elaborating on his reasons for needing the cash. Zana, suddenly all animated like a switch got flipped, leans in and starts quiet-yelling at CreePaul about how he's got the "hottest, most amazing girlfriend in the entire world" now, and she's got really expensive tastes. So actually he really can't afford to give CreePaul any money, sorry. Aw, why can't Zana and Alma get together? Two totally deluded nut jobs with boggling tenacious stalking skills? Those crazy, crazy, crazy kids would light up the sky like a flame.

Susan is standing out in front of her house, looking around like she's waiting for something, when Mike walks over. He thanks her for what he suspects is her involvement in helping convince Zana to bail him out, and the he asks if he can do anything for her in return. Susan, sad, sad, so sadly: "Actually there is...I can't see you anymore." Clearly the whole "Ian is afraid that I'm going to cheat on him just like his wife did" revelation has actually seeped into Susan's heretofore impenetrable noggin, and she's actually acting on the knowledge that she's absorbed. And yet...didn't she already tell Mike she couldn't see him anymore? This whole conversation loses its poignancy when you know that Mike's already agreed not to see her. Mike looks sad, though, even though he says that he "gets it." Just then, Ian's limo rounds the corner, and Susan shoots Mike a look of panic. Ah, now I see why Susan's be so antsy throughout this scene: she's been worrying that Ian would come home while she and Mike were still talking. But it makes me feel a touch sad for her, that she's with someone who's so fragile that she has to freak out whenever one of his insecurities are in jeopardy of being jostled. Then again, Ian's wife did just die -- if ever Susan could just cool it with the Mike thing, this would be the time.

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