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Come Play Wiz Me

Mike wanders back to his side of the street, and Susan walks up to Ian's car. Ian gets out and stares at her with crazy-man intensity, and then he frantically grapples her into one of those head-swiveling tongue kisses. Behind them, we see Mike, staring at them go at it with just a touch of wist.

Why hello, Mary Alice. MAVO ties this one up by bringing us back to the opening "life can change in an instant" theme. "Unlikely friendships can blossom," she tells us, and Zana, sitting in his rock 'n' roll studio, looks down at a huge bouquet of flowers. The card reads: "Thanks for dinner...Your New Friend."

MAVO: "Important careers can be tossed aside." Lynette pulls a pizza out of the oven, and does a little strut of joy and pride, and Tom kisses her cute temple.

"A long-lost hope," MAVO tells us, "can be rekindled." Alma takes a pregnancy test out of a shopping bag and smiles at it like the crazy, crazy, crazy person she truly is.

"Still, we should be grateful for whatever changes life throws at us," MAVO continues. Mike and Carlos crack open some beers out on their front porch.

And then she finishes up with this ominous warning: "Because all too soon, the day will come when there are no changes left." With "Danger, Danger" background music at full throttle, we see a body being rolled into the hospital elevator. The toe tag reads "Jane Hainsworth." Desperate convention dictates that when music like this is playing, and MAVO's being all spooky, and it's the last shot of the episode, that something creepy and or mysterious has just been revealed. But what's so mysterious about a woman dying after languishing in a coma for three years?

Up next: Lynette and Tom start bickering down at the pizzeria, if you can believe that (other news flashes: war hurts people and cake tastes great when administered orally), and Bree falls off a ladder.

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