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Come Play Wiz Me

Lynette, all made up and looking sharp in a suit, is just about out the door when Tom bursts into the kitchen: He's "screwed": the manager he hired for the Scavoria just quit! Which means he has to cancel the booth at the big street fair, which was the advertising strategy they were banking on to get the good word out about the restaurant. Isn't there some way Lynette could postpone her return to work for just one more week? A honk sounds outside: it's boss Ed, who (for some reason?) is picking her up for work. Cut to...

...Lynette, back in her arm sling. She's no longer wearing any makeup, and she's looking pale and glum indeed. Ed and one of the guys from the office are there, travel mugs in hand. They're surprised to see her still in her sling, and Lynette sighs that it still hurts, seeing as they were unable to remove the bullet because it was "too close." Ed, concerned: "To what?" Lynette, sighing: "Everything." Ed notices she has something on her lip, and she absently rubs it off, explaining that it's probably just run-off from all the puking she's been doing, because of the pain. She goes to get in the car, and one of them jostles her, she yelps in pain and screams at them to get her pills, her pills, they're in her bag! The office guy hands her the pills and they fly everywhere. She bursts into tears and just keeps keening about her pills, her pills. Ed and office guy exchanged pained looks. Cut to...

...the car driving off with Lynette still standing there. "See you next week!" she yells. Couple questions: doesn't Andrew work for Tom now? Can't he step in and help out with the booth at the street fair? Also, this street fair is on a weekend, right? It'd have to be, otherwise no one would be able to go to it. So what's the problem? Lynette doesn't work weekends, does she?

Big house. CreePaul is innocently reading a book in the rec room -- don't these prisoners have any license plates to make? Rodeos to train for? -- when Mike arrives in full Pissy Tuff Guy mode: "Looks like an interesting book, what's it about?" Without pausing for an answer, he grabs the book and throws it across the room. "Never mind," he says, "I'll wait for the movie." Zing! Mike confronts CreePaul about siccing the thugs on him, and CreePaul confesses that he only did it because he needs Mike to do him a favor. He asks Mike if he remembers Zana at all, but Mike only remembers him "vaguely." CreePaul: "Turns out you and I share more than a cellblock."

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