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Coming Home

Alberta, the neighborhood cat lady, is out walking on the sidewalk in front of Susan's house. She is wearing a pink sweatshirt emblazoned with a kitty face, and she has an orange tabby cat on a leash. (As many, many people on the boards have pointed out, this is not the same Mr. Whiskers Susan cat-sat before, a potential oversight that I've decided to write off by assuming that this crazy cat lady, like many crazy cat ladies, has more than just one cat.) Susan walks out of her house, wearing her PJs, a robe, and slippers. She, like everyone else on the show, is drinking coffee. Behind her, we can see that her white, white garage has been spraypainted with the word "WHORE" in two-foot-high scarlet letters. And the word has even been underlined. Susan leans over to pick up her paper and, when she stands up, she notices Alberta staring at her. She smiles and says "Hi!" and starts babbling something about how she'd like to get more copies of Alberta's neighborhood watch fliers. Alberta, clearly thrown by the WHORE, kind of waves uncomfortably and then wanders off, and Susan mutters something about "borrowing" a flier from somebody else, and then she turns to go back inside and she finally sees the big, fat WHORE. And CRASH! She drops her...paper (and yet still manages to hold on tight to her coffee).

Papa Prudy comes over to Susan's house to check out the tagging on her garage. "Yep," he says brightly. "Looks like Carol's penmanship." Susan can't believe it. Does Carol think Susan and Papa Prudy are having an affair? PP explains that his wife probably saw Susan drop him off after his jaunt to the police station. Susan tells him that now he has to tell Carol the truth, but PP is all, "No, oh no! I'd catch holy hell." Susan: "Oh, so you want me to catch it for you? I mean, you yourself said she was crazy. I don't want to wake up tomorrow morning and find my tires slashed." Prudy sighs and finally agrees to tell his wife. Just then, Edie rolls up in her convertible. She stops in front of Susan's and, with mouth hanging, takes in the WHORE sight. Incidentally, she's wearing smoky-mirror sunglasses and a gypsy kerchief and looks somewhat nuts. Susan just stands there and sort of smiles, like, "what are you going to do," and then she asks Edie if there's something she'd like to say. Edie: "No...[your garage] pretty much says it all!" Edie semi-stifles a laugh and then drives off. Is that all that Edie does now -- jogs or drives up to some unrelated storyline, drops a bon mot, and then leaves? Such a waste of funny.

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