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Coming Home

Lynette walks out of her office and finds Ed, holding Mindy. Lynette gives Little Mindy a big smile, but then tells Ed that the daycare room isn't going to be ready until next week. Ed: "If I'd waited, I might have lost my nerve. I had a window. Fran was in the shower, so I just grabbed the baby and ran." Lynette, looking aghast: "You took the baby without telling Fran?" Ed: "I refuse to be bullied by that woman. You were right! Mindy is my daughter. I wanted to spend time with her. I have that right." Just then, New Receptionist Pat interrupts to say that the lobby just called: Fran is on her way up and "seems pretty angry." Okay, so now Pat is the receptionist again? What the hell? Do they have two receptionists? That seems excessive for a company trying to trim the fat. ["Maybe they're job-sharing, to stick with the 9 to 5 theme of female empowerment in the workplace?" -- Wing Chun] But fine. FINE! Ed hands Mindy to Lynette. "Let me handle this," he says. Lynette: "Oh, I was planning too." Ha!

The elevator doors open, and out bulldozes Fran. (Though as someone on the boards pointed out, the fact that she paused to blow-dry her hair before heading over seems a little out of character...I could have totally seen her driving over in just a towel, or at least sweatpants, but she looks very well put together in a skirt, cardigan, and tank, and purse.) Fran, her voice choked with emotion, tells Ed that she "thought Mindy had been kidnapped!" Ed, all, "Dude, what?," says, "I left a sticky note." Fran yells that she wasn't looking for a sticky note, she was looking for her baby! Lynette points to Mindy, like "Here she is!," and then gives Fran an uncomfortable little wave. Ed tells Fran that Mindy is his child, too, and that she's staying with him for just a few hours a day. Fran blows right past him and goes to grab Mindy out of Lynette's arms. Lynette seems all for letting Fran take her, but Ed stops Fran, telling her that he "made a decision." Fran: "Oh yeah? Well, watch me make a decision: I'm done with this marriage. I'm taking my baby and I'm getting on a plane to Pittsburgh...You think you miss Mindy now? Wait till we're living with my mother."

As Ed and Fran keep bickering, slowly Lynette starts to back toward a conference room, Mindy still in tow. MAVO: "As Lynette saw her dreams of daycare about to board a plane to Pittsburgh, she decided this flight would have to be grounded." Lynette steps inside the conference room and locks the door behind her (which, like all the doors and walls in the place, is made of see-through glass). Fran and Ed run over, and Fran starts jiggering the door. Ed: "Good thinking, Lynette!" Lynette: "I am not on your side, Ed." Ed: "You're not?" Lynette explains that she's on Mindy's side, and that she's not going to let either parent have Mindy until they both calm down. Fran, through clenched teeth: "Lynette? I want my damn child!"

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