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Coming Home

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Coming Home

MAVO: "The stories are as old as time itself." MAVO: "The prodigal son who returns home to the father who forgives him." CreePaul looks on as Zana strums on a guitar. MAVO: "The jealous wife who tricks the husband who trusts her." Gabby sponges down Carlos's fevered brow. MAVO: "The desperate mother who risks everything for the child who needs her." Betty covers a sleeping Caleb with a blanket. MAVO: "And the faithless husband who hurts the wife who loves him so deeply." Papa Prudy walks past his wife, who waters the plants and generally looks broken; he looks away guiltily. MAVO: "Why do we listen again and again? Because these are the stories of family, and once we look past the fighting, pain, and the resentment, we occasionally like to remind ourselves..." Bree tends to her flowers and Andrew sits on the front stairs, reading a magazine. He looks up at Bree, and they smile at each other, and then Bree goes back to her gardening and Andrew looks at her menacingly. At work, Lynette dashes in to the daycare and takes baby Penny from the arms of a daycare-sitter (who looks suspiciously like The Nanny), and Lynette goo-goos at Penny and then takes a deep sniff of her baby's hair. "...there's absolutely nothing more important."

Coming up: Gabby kisses Tom!

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