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Coming Home

Just then, two uniformed cops come out from a back room carrying a redheaded mannequin, which is clothed in an argyle cardigan and pencil skirt. Barton apologizes to Bree, telling her she wasn't supposed to see the doll. Bree, who is clearly freaked out: "Is that supposed to be me?!" Barton looks over at the doll -- which looks a little mannish, actually -- and yet the red flip is pretty unmistakable. Barton: "Well [comedic pause], it's hard to say." Bree, all confused, says she doesn't get it: "What would George be doing with a life-sized doll?" All the policemen cough and look away, and Bree's face melts into a frownie of disgust, and she holds her hand to her chest and actually says, "Oh, dear lord!" The policemen move to take the doll away, and Bree starts to freak out, asking what they plan on doing with it. Flunky tells her that they need to keep it, because it's evidence. Barton apologizes, telling her that he knows "how difficult all this must be." Bree pauses a moment to collect herself, and then she smiles hugely and insists that she's going to be "just fine!" MAVO: "Yes, there were many ways to tell that Bree was a lady." Bree turns and walks out of the house with her head held high as, just a few feet behind her, the policemen carry out her life-sized doppelganger. With a whole line of neighbors looking on. MAVO: "But the surest was to watch how she maintained her dignity in even the most undignified situations." And roll the truncated credits!

MAVO says some very dramatic things about the time-old story of the prodigal son, and we see Zana, with weird "Utah and back" wig hair, walking up Wisteria Lane. CreePaul comes out of his house to pick up the paper and spots Zana, and they race right up to each other and engage in, as MAVO calls it, "the tender embrace of a loving father." A loving, blender-bashing father. And his adoptive hockey-stick-bashing son. Together they head inside...

...and while Zana gobbles a sandwich, CreePaul tells him that Susan told him she gave Zana money to go to Utah. Zana: "Yeah, I had no idea where to look for you, though, and the money started running out, so I thought that maybe you'd come back here." CreePaul: "Smart kid." Then Zana asks if what Mrs. Tillman told him is true -- that his birth mother was a Utah drug addict? CreePaul confirms Felicia's rumor. And while this would have been an excellent moment to reveal some regret over his beating Felicia all the way into the hospital, and perhaps ask after her well-being, instead Zana asks CreePaul who his bio-father is. CreePaul claims that he doesn't know; it "could have been anyone."

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