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Ties and Bondage
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Previously: Lynette talked to Porter on the phone, but didn't know where he was. Katherine and Mike got together, while Edie left Creepy Dave for being married. Creepy Dave told his wife and daughter's tombstones that he would make Mike pay by making him feel what he lost. Oooh, ominous.

Mary Alice tells us it's been a long journey for Dave, but he can still remember the whole thing: Walking outside his front door to get the news of the car crash. Running into the hospital to find out his wife and daughter had died. Being dragged into a psych ward after his mental breakdown. Strolling into a hotel weeks after his release and bumping into a beautiful blonde (Edie). Marching down the aisle -- or, rather, a courthouse hall -- with that woman, who happened to be from Wisteria Lane. But now said bride has kicked him out and he's still walking down the street. He doesn't know how he'll follow through on his plan, until Mike comes out to talk to him. He tells Mike Edie kicked him out, and it's probably for good. Mike feels bad for him, and invites him to stay with him. He says Creepy Dave saved his life, so this is the least he can do. Creepy Dave has to agree with that. Mary Alice: "And, just like that, Dave's dream of revenge had been salvaged. And he started to feel his long journey would soon be over." I just have to say: I think Mary Alice is way too impartial in all of this. I feel like it's about time she took sides on something instead of narrating like she doesn't care about anyone involved.

At 9:02 the next morning, Edie calls her friends to tell them something happened. They all (Susan, Gaby, Bree, Lynette) show up by 9:06 to get the details. Wait ... these are all of Edie's friends? Poor Edie. With friends like these, who needs a creepy, psychotic husband? Edie's sniffling into a tissue as Susan says you don't kick a man out for being previously married. Edie points out it's the not mentioning it that makes it a problem. Bree says maybe he was with his previous wife only a short time, and she meant nothing to him. Edie doubts it since he walks around talking to her ghost. Gaby suggests a spa weekend, but Edie would rather get lost in her work. Susan manages to turn the conversation back to her by saying she might be able to help Edie by letting her find a renter for her house, since she's probably moving in with Jackson in Riverton. Gaby, Bree, and Lynette all think this is a great idea, because they think Jackson's great. And also because they want her to leave (they don't say that, but I know it's true, because no one would want to live with someone like Susan, all fake sweet but really narcissistic and selfish). They all make it about Susan, and gather her in a group hug as Edie looks on, baffled that they're all completely over her juicy news.

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