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Ties and Bondage

Carlos comes home from work and the girls greet him. He's happy to see how much they helped their mom, and Juanita says the scary man told them they had to. Carlos looks puzzled. Then he's telling Gaby he can't believe she'd let someone who they don't even know -- who left a flier in their mailbox -- do her parenting. She tells him the girls told her they love him more, and he says that when he was running things, they said they loved her more. He tells her not to get her feelings hurt, and to stop asking strangers to discipline the kids. She says she wouldn't do that if he would do it. He asks if she wants him to go to work all day, never see his kids, then come home and scream at them. She says only for 15 minutes, then "it's Carlos time!" He says he won't do that, and she says she just wanted them to have a normal life. He eloquently says, "Well guess what, Sweetie? Dad's unhappy at work. Mom's home with the screaming kids. You got one."

Bree sees Andrew at work in the test kitchen, and asks if she can talk to him. He says they can talk about work, but not about what happened at the barbecue. She tries to anyway, but he says he'll leave. He's not getting in the middle of this, and tells her to talk to Alex if there's a problem. She says she tried, and he wouldn't listen. Andrew grows a pair and asks, "Don't you mean 'obey'?" She looks shocked, and a little sad, but Andrew goes on that Alex isn't her husband or her son or her employee and -- gasp! -- not everyone has to listen to her. Andrew says he'll do the work he was doing tomorrow, and leaves.

Katherine arrives home to a bouquet of red roses with a card that says, "Don't go." She goes over to Mike and tells him she got the flowers. She gives him a big kiss, and then stops to ask if they were from him. He says, "Oh, yeah." Which seems sincere, but then we see Creepy Dave looking on as if he orchestrated it all. I'm so confused. Maybe he orchestrated it by talking Mike into doing something? Because I don't think Mike would have responded so quickly and knowingly if they weren't really from him.

Alex pulls up at Bree's and he says he doesn't want to get into a whole thing with her. She says this won't take long; she just wants him to take the house. He says what happened at the barbecue will happen again, because that's who they are, so they shouldn't make it worse by living on top of each other. He starts to walk away, but Bree says she wants to tell him something she hasn't told anyone -- not Orson or Andrew. She knows she's changed since her business took off, but she didn't want to admit it. She's become selfish, impatient, rude. She never suffered fools gladly, but now she finds fools everywhere, and she doesn't want to be that way. She needs someone who's not afraid to speak up and call her out when she crosses those lines. She wants him to be that person. He asks if his mother-in-law just gave him permission to criticize her, and she says she did. He says he's a lucky guy, takes the keys, and they hug.

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