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Ties and Bondage

Edie shows up at Mike's to talk to Creepy Dave. He's surprised to see her. She says she's not happy about him lying to her, but she thinks what they have is real, and she's not ready to throw it away. She asks him not to tell anyone, but she's at the point in her life where she could use a happy ending. This makes me so sad, because imagine what it took for Edie to feel like this about anyone. And he just happens to be a crazy psycho who's going to break her forever. How is it that I'm this sad for Edie, who used to seem so vapid and shallow? Did she somehow develop a third dimension while I wasn't looking?

Susan's staring at her phone. She picks it up and dials, and we are treated to Gale Harold's voice once again. She says, "Jackson, hi. Do you have a sec?" He asks if something's wrong, and she says nothing is wrong, but they need to talk about this move.

Then we get Mary Alice back. She says that at 5:15 that afternoon, Edie began calling her friends to tell them her husband came back home, but she never got through to any of them. Gaby didn't pick up because she was too busy watching her children being told they had to obey their mother, and trying not to smile. Lynette wasn't home. She was with her mother, laughing and sharing stories about the old days. And enjoying every minute of it. Stella's drinking, but she's happy. Bree was outside, showing her future son-in-law color samples for the home she bought him, and smiling politely when they disagreed. And Susan didn't answer because she was sitting in her favorite chair with a cup of tea, learning to enjoy for the first time in her life what it was like to be alone. Um, does that mean she broke up with Jackson? Or she's just not moving, and they'll date long distance?

Next Sunday: It's the 100th episode, and they promise to uncover the secrets that made these women so "Desperate." We get flashbacks to long-haired, sexier Gaby and living Mary Alice. And Beau Bridges is there to make a snappy comment when Edie talks about her boobs.

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