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Could I Leave You?

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Could I Leave You?

Susan's lying on her couch, reading, when Mike comes in. Here's there to apologize and, I (perhaps just wishfully) suspect, confess his true love-type feelings to Susan. But Susan is immediately cranky with him: "So did you run out of strangers to beat up on the street? You're going house to house now?" And yet...why would Mike come to her house if he were looking for strangers to beat up? That doesn't make much sense, Susan. Mike tells her how "awful" he feels, but Susan keeps sulking: "If you don't want to be my boyfriend, fine. But don't beat up the only guy who wants to volunteer for the job." Blah, blah, but he was yelling at you! Blah, blah but I deserved it! And now Ron's not returning any of Susan's phone calls, sigh. Mike very sincerely asks what it was that Susan did to Ron, and Susan says, oh, she just said something that hurt Ron's feelings just before surgery. Feelings that, and I repeat, Ron should have never subjected her to when she was in such a compromised state! Mike asks what it was that Susan said, and she very, very seriously tells him that she can't tell him. Mike, warmly, lovingly, forgivingly: "Yeah, you can. You can tell me anything, you know that." And Susan seems juuuuuust about to spill it when Julie walks in with the phone: it's Dr. Ron, finally calling Susan back. Susan tells Mike that she needs to take this call, and Mike sighs sadly and asks if maybe they can't talk about all this some other time. But Susan is all, "No, what's the point." Huh? While I kind of get her point of view here, it just doesn't feel a tack that the ever-optimistic Susan would ever take with Mike, especially now that she realizes she still loves him, at least according to her drug-freed subconscious. Mike sadly gets up and leaves, and Susan sits there, looking very sad for a moment (idiot), and then she clicks Ron off hold (which...thank god, because for a second I thought she was deliberately letting Ron hear that whole Mike convo, which would have been so yucky), and wows him with a hesitant little baby-bird "Hi." And there goes yet another missed opportunity with Mike. Also of note: Susan's wearing total tacos!

And it's MAVO TIME. We see another baby getting delivered, which means we get to see another hideous meaty sausage umbilical cord getting cut, eeeeek! MAVO: "At that precise moment, as Dr. Hansen Mills was cutting yet another umbilical cord," Why does MAVO always use everyone's full name? Have you noticed that? "Other ties," MAVO continues oh-so-warmly, "were being severed all over town. Like the one between a child and the mother who didn't want him to grow up so quickly." At work, Veronica tearfully hands Donovan a carton of chocolate milk (she must be thinking about that devilish elliptical trainer). "Or the one between the case of fine wine and the housewife who hadn't wanted to admit that she had a problem." We see Bree, sadly caressing an un-opened bottle of wine. Next to her is a box jam-packed with different kinds of wine, with "GOODWILL" is written on the side. Ha ha, that's awesome! Bring your good times, and your laughter too, down to the Goodwill drop-off van tonight, because there's going to be a celebration to last throughout the years! MAVO: "Or the one between a woman and a boyfriend, who couldn't forgive her betrayal." Dr. Ron's at the hospital, and he's sighing sadly into the phone (Susan at the other end, I assume). Wait, you mean to tell me that Susan burned this latest chance with Mike, just when Dr. Ron was just calling to end it with her? What a rip! MAVO: "The choice to separate from what we love is painful." Down at the strip club, Libby is sponging down a table and staring off into space, zombie-style, when a man comes up behind her and kisses her. "Hey, how's my girl today?" he says. And then, reaching down to rub her hugely pregnant stomach, he adds, "How are both my girls?" I thought Libby didn't know who the father was. Wait a second! Libby smiles at him and tells him that both of them are "doing good [sic]," and then she fingers her new diamond necklace. MAVO: "The only thing worse is when someone we've trusted makes the choice for us." Wait, does that mean Libby's going to betray Gabby and Carlos? Or maybe it means she's going to betray this guy here when she gives his baby away to the Solises. I wonder!

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