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Could I Leave You?

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Could I Leave You?

Later, over at Susan's house, Gabby, Bree, and Susan are gathered around the coffee table, which is groaning under the weight of an immense muffin basket (oh Bree, you shouldn't have). Susan is in a post-op wheelchair, which seems a little over-the-top considering that my dad didn't get a wheelchair when he got out of the hospital, and he'd had open-heart surgery. But (once again I say) okaaaay. The three of them are oohing and ahhing over photos of Libby, who they all agree is "gorgeous." Gabby: "It's all natural, from her straight teeth to her C-cup. And I know she's athletic, because she's a pole dancer. So I really hope that my little girl inherits that as well!" Bree stares at her, and Gabby clarifies that she meant the "athletic gene, not the pole-dancing gene," and Susan laughs in relief. Then Karl comes in through the, I guess, back door and calls out, "Susie Baby!" As Karl wheels Susan off to another room for a little chat, Bree and Gabby gossip about how apparently Susan and Karl no longer hate each other.

Meanwhile, in the other room, Susan tells Karl that she needs him to come over for dinner with Ron tomorrow night. Karl: "Now, why would I do that?" Susan: "Well, for starters, because you banged your secretary and you owe me for the rest of your life." Wow how I hate the word "bang," and yet...giggles!

Back in Muffin Corner, Gabby is shocked by the news (about Karl and Susan being friendly), but Bree confesses that, before Mike came along at least, she'd always assumed Karl and Susan would get back together, based on how awesome they were as a couple. Oh, what "spark" and "passion" they shared, and how deliciously they would "make each other laugh"!

And back to Karl, who is...laughing! He is thoroughly titillated by the news that drugged Susan declared her love for Mike. Once he finally stops laughing, he asks what she told Ron afterward, and she tells him about her retarded "I don't know any Mikes" strategy. Karl: "Everyone knows a Mike." Exactly! Susan explains that she knows it was stupid (well, at least she knows; that's something), but Dr. Ron hadn't come to see her after the operation, and she was feeling insecure, and she "just didn't feel like the truth was a luxury [she] could afford." And yet...stupid! She tells him to "resume laughing." Still chuckling with her, Karl wheels Susan back into the living room. Karl bids his adieus, and then kisses Susan on her forehead and leaves. The ladies stare and stare, and Susan gives a little marionette "What?"

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