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Manners Are For Poor People. And Non-Felons.
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As Orson leaves the Hodge family compound, Mary-Alice's voice-over tells us that anyone who met him knew that he believed in being polite. We see some examples of his nice manners as he wanders downtown to visit Scavo's, where Tom is packing up the restaurant in preparation for the going-out-of-business sale. Orson politely offers any help that Tom needs, and Tom rather rudely rebuffs him. Orson admires a salt shaker (in the shape of a fat pizza man, which Tom's grandfather gave to him) and offers to buy it. Tom points out that the stuff in that box isn't for sale; Tom's taking it home with him. Orson tries to commiserate with Tom, based on the fact that Orson recently lost his livelihood (when he went to prison and lost his license to practice dentistry). Tom continues with his rudeness, pointing out that Tom is losing his restaurant due to a crappy economy, whereas Orson lost his license due to his own criminal behavior. Mary-Alice tells us that Orson hates rudeness, and we see him palming the salt shaker as he leaves the restaurant. Credits

Mike is finishing his move into Katherine's house, and she thinks it would be swell to invite her pals to a housewarming party. We see her writing invitations and then handing them out to Gabby, Bree and Edie, all of whom are sitting on someone's porch. Marcy-Alice tells us that they all made assumptions about who had and had not been invited; when Susan walks up, we can tell that they all assumed that she was the one who hadn't been invited, as the three invitees clam up and then claim to have been talking about the budget deficit. Katherine disabuses them of the notion that she's as petty as the rest of them by pointing out that Susan has obviously been invited to the party. The other women are shocked at the maturity Katherine and Susan are demonstrating. Edie notes that whenever she sleeps with somebody's ex, she "get[s] an angry mob on [her] front lawn." [To prove a point, she brings up Carlos to Gabby, and gets a "Shut up, bitch" in return. Awesome. - Zach] Susan and Katherine basically act like grownups, which is pretty shocking for this show. What I find shocking is that someone let Terri Hatcher wear that see-through sweater on camera.

At Scavo's, some bargain-hunting vulture is offering Lynette half-price for the pizza oven. She negotiates the price up a bit, in the process telling him (and us) that Tom has taken his anger out on some of the restaurant appliances. Tom comes over, and Lynette tells him that at the end of the sale, they should have enough to pay off their debts (including their debt to Bree), but no more than that. Tom shuts down, but Lynette presses him to give her some info about what his future plans are in terms of supporting his family. Because apparently he's the only one capable of doing that. He tells her to back off, and then practically assaults the bargain-hunting vulture when he proposes paying $50 for a $200 cappuccino machine.

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