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Manners Are For Poor People. And Non-Felons.

Solis house. Carlos walks out on the porch to find Gabby waiting for Carlos's lecherous boss to unload his kids from his car; Lecherous Boss and Mrs. Lecherous Boss have theater tickets and no babysitter, so Gabby offered to watch the kids. Carlos can't believe they're helping LB cheat on his wife and babysitting his kids at the same time. And then Mrs. LB lets drop that she thinks Gabby introduced LB to "his new girl," which turns out to be her name for the hairstylist who is a hairstylist but is also actually LB's mistress. Except that Mrs. LB doesn't know about the mistress part, having run into LB and the Hair Ho at her salon in the mall, and having believed his story that Gabby suggested he get a haircut from the Hair Ho. LB palms his wife and kids off on Carlos, and then asks Gabby to re-schedule a date she had with Mrs. LB for the next day so that LB can have a nooner with the Hair Ho. Gabby, not forgetting that she's a blackmailer, tells LB that she wants Carlos to have a week off from work in the coming month. LB turns her down, and then when Mrs. LB comes out, Gabby hems and haws about rescheduling her tennis game with Mrs. LB until LB gives into her vacation demand with a silent nod behind Mrs. LB's back.

Casa Hodge. Orson is reading a newspaper, and Bree busts his ass for leaving his jacket hanging on the sofa instead of in the closet. When he picks up his jacket, the salt shaker falls out of the pocket. Bree actually recognizes it as coming from Scavo's, which is pretty unbelievable. What's even more unbelievable is that she doesn't comment on how tacky it is. Orson claims that the fat pizza guy must have just jumped into his pocket. Bree tells him to take it back, and he starts talking like a second-rate Chef Boyardee, telling her that the salt shaker would rather stay at the Hodge residence with the pretty redhead. He also complains about how rude and dismissive Tom was, and acts as though that justifies him keeping the salt shaker. Bree points out the stupidity of this position, and commands him to return the shaker. [I'm sorry, but Orson talking in that Italian accent was the funniest thing I've seen all month. - Z]

Susan brings her punch bowl to Katherine's house (for the housewarming party). Katherine is still putting Mike's stuff away, and Susan commiserates with her about some of the tacky items that Mike brings to any relationship. But it turns out that they both like the painting that he hung over the mantle. Katherine really loves it; Susan thanks her, since Susan was the one who painted it. It depicts a beach they went to on their honeymoon. Katherine doesn't stop smiling, but she's clearly not pleased. Commercials.

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