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Susan happily watches Barrett and Julie chatting in the living room, and goes back into the kitchen to plate up some store-bought brownies. Mike finds her in there looking happy, but he's not nearly as happy when he finds out that Barrett's in the house, hanging with Julie. He plays it semi-cool, going into the living room and asking Julie for a minute with Barrett. He throws Barrett the money he owes him and tells him to get out, but Barrett actually digs Julie, and plans to take her on a date. When Mike objects to his stepdaughter going out with a "low-life drug dealer," Barrett and his argyle sweater remind Mike that Barrett is a pre-med student, while Mike is an addict, and that Mike probably doesn't want his "cute family" aware of the latter fact. "I'll have her home by ten," Barrett smugs, and heads into the kitchen.

Barrett's in the kitchen getting his Eddie Haskell on with Susan when Mike comes in and tells Susan that Barrett's a drug dealer, which he knows because he sold Mike the pills Susan found. Susan snatches the brownie from Barrett's hand and tells him to get out. Barrett leaves, dropping one bomb: "It's a shame, though. He was such a good customer." And then Julie comes downstairs, ready to go and wondering where her date went. Who's going to tell her, you guys?

Gabby is pretending to help a very sleepy Carlos to get ready to go to the police, but she quickly abandons that notion when she spots her new friends, the police detectives, coming up the walk. She dumps the now-unconscious Carlos on the floor and meets them outside. They ask whether Gabby has been having an affair with Carlos, and, standing down-walk from them so their backs are to the house, Gabby denies everything, even as Carlos lurches confusedly in the window behind them. One of them gets a cell-phone call, listens for two seconds, and then tells Gabby that Victor's been found, alive, unconscious, and stable. Those police code numbers certainly convey a lot of information in a short time. They invite her along to the hospital, and she accepts, saying that she just needs to grab her purse first. Inside the house, she regards Carlos's snoring form angrily and tells him, "I hope you're happy. Victor's alive. And we're screwed!"

Lynette and Glen pull up in Glen's car at the park where he's supposed to meet Stella. Lynette makes some joke about throwing her mom in the trunk, which prompts Glen to remark on her wicked sense of humor. Lynette says that's one benefit of a crappy childhood, which causes Glen to experience a visible twinge of regret. Lynette says that she doesn't blame him for leaving, since Stella cheated on him and all. He says that it was more complicated than that, but before we learn more, he spots Stella and goes to meet her.

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