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Distant Past

At their house, Susan's explaining to Julie about Mike's recent past with drugs, and her certainty that Mike's stopped taking them. Julie asks if she's sure, since she just saw Mike at the drugstore picking up a prescription. Huh. This town needs more pharmacies, like, yesterday.

Back at the park, Glen hands an envelope of cash over to Stella, and she's grateful until she spots Lynette skulking in his car. "You son of a bitch, you set me up!" she says, storming off. Although most storms move faster than Stella does. As a result, Lynette's able to catch up and tell her she wants Stella to come home with her. Somehow, this turns into a huge argument about the past, with Glen trying to make peace between them. Which he eventually does by admitting to Lynette that the reason he left is because he's gay. Which we all knew as soon as we spotted Richard Chamberlain, but Lynette is pretty blown away.

Bree presents herself at Andrew's squalid little (yet furnished) apartment, plying him with veal scaloppini to try to get him to come home. Bree says she knows he's angry, but that she really wants to do things differently with Benjamin than she did with Andrew. Andrew says that he knows he hurt her in the past, but that he's changed, and she never noticed because she's so focused on her new family. Andrew actually thanks Bree for leaving him on the side of the road two years ago; it forced him to turn his life around. Bree's amazed that he forgives her, since she never noticed that either. And just to cap it all off, Andrew asks her to use a coaster. It's really a sweeter moment than it sounds like.

Glen seems to have brought Lynette and Stella back to his place, which he apparently shared with a recently-dead partner named Dave for almost twenty years. When he goes to get the coffee, Lynette asks her mom why she never told her. Stella blames herself for turning Glen gay in two years of marriage, and says it wouldn't have made a difference between her and Lynette if Lynette had known. Lynette thinks otherwise, and still wants Stella to come home. But Stella doesn't want to, and risk screwing up the relationship with Lynette they've built over the past few months. But where will she live? Wouldn't you know it, Glen has a guest room for Stella. Everybody wins!

At Susan's, Mike talks about some stretches he's been doing for the "shoulder pain," and after learning that Susan plans to take a shower, he says he's going down for a snack. But the "snack" is in the glove compartment of his truck, and it's of the narcotic variety. Which Susan sees him partake of from the bathroom window.

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