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Distant Past

Flanked by her detective friends, Gabby arrives at the hospital and meets Victor's neurologist; he tells her that Victor's just waking up, and asks whether Gabby would like to talk to him. Gabby says that she would, and is careful to add, "After the ordeal he's been through, I wouldn't be surprised if he was babbling like a crazy person!" She's really kind of funny this episode.

But when Gabby and the doctor and the detectives are in Victor's private room and he wakes up and starts talking, he's not only not babbling -- and still doing his typical Mamet Black & White emotion-free delivery -- he doesn't even seem to remember anything after his Friday staff meeting. No attack on Carlos, no falling in the drink, not even getting on his boat at all. Gabby is relieved in a highly suspect way, and herds everyone else out of the room. Victor asks her to stay with him, and to come close. Which is when he grabs her face in both hands and growls into her ear, "I remember everything." He says he'll rest now, threateningly adding, "I'm going to need all my strength." Gabby has suddenly stopped playing this story for laughs, because she's terrified. And rightly so, if Victor continues to be as many moves ahead of her as he typically is, even when he isn't.

On her way out of the hospital, Gabby has to contend not only with reporters (and a silently glaring Edie) but also Mary Alice talking about the past never being behind us. But Mary Alice bright-sides about "an old friend with open arms," as Lynette watches Stella and Glen catch up over drinks. MAVO: "Or an old enemy with a hidden agenda," as Sylvia watches from the bushes while Adam takes out the trash. MAVO: "Or a grown-up son with a forgiving heart," as Bree hangs with Andrew in his new place. But then Mary Alice warns us that by denying the past, we are condemned to repeat it, as we see Mike sleeping in bed alone. That's because Susan is downstairs in his truck, shining a flashlight at the fresh prescription bottle she found in his glove box, complete with Orson's name on the label. So now both of them are in trouble.

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