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Haggardizing Diane Farr is watering her haggardizing yard when Bree shows up looking for Eddie. He's not there, so Bree fills her in on how she gave Eddie advice on how to talk to girls, and how now he's been sending gifts to Bree's daughter, Danielle. Barbara makes fun of it, but Bree says it was a lovely gesture. Barbara: "Say no more. She's out of his league." Bree tries to pretend she wasn't saying that, but she totally was. Barbara promises to say something to him, and Bree asks her to let him down easy. He walks in then, and Barbara says, "This woman says you've been stalking her daughter." Bree says she didn't say that, and Eddie says he was trying to woo Danielle. Barbara laughs at him, and Bree tries to stop her to no avail. Eddie asks his mom not to laugh at him, but she's the worst possible caricature of a mother, so she doesn't.

A few days later, Eddie's back at Bree's, and she's happy to see him again after not showing up for a few days. He needed the money, or he wouldn't be back. Bree tells him she doesn't blame him for being angry, and then he makes fun of himself for being a nerdy freak wanting to date a popular cheerleader, but Bree says all she sees is a nice young boy who's been mistreated. She also tells him Danielle would be happy to talk to him, as a friend. He turns and cries that he doesn't want a friend; he wants someone to love him. Bree, "Of course you do." She tells him there's someone out there for him if he's patient. She finishes with: "There are girls out there who will say 'yes' to you. You just have to find them." Cut to a prostitute telling him "yes" as he gives her money. She tries to lead him into an alley, but he runs back to the car to get flowers for her. She laughs loudly at him, and since he obviously hates to be laughed at because of his crazy/mean mother, he kills her in the alley. I don't think they tell us how old he's supposed to be here, but it's definitely high school. So, he got started on this whole strangling thing at a young age. Creepy.

MAVO tells us about Susan first noticing Eddie, the boy who sold her coffee (remember, he was on the shift at the coffee shop the morning after the girl's murder). Then Susan notices him drawing. She compliments him, and then offers to teach him. He thinks that would be great and then gives her whatever she wants for free. Her drink order leads to talk of Mike, whom Susan tells Eddie is her ex-husband now, and is dating the woman across the street. Eddie tells her a lot of people would want to date her. Cut ahead to a few weeks later, when she's at her kitchen table with him, complimenting his progress with drawing. She thinks he's gotten so good that she signed him up for two weeks at the Art Institute, and she's already paid for it. He gets teary and says it's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for him. He thinks his mom won't let him go, but Susan looks out the window at Mike and then tells him that the kind of love he has for art is the kind of thing he needs to keep fighting for, and he can't care what his mom says. She hugs him, and it's obvious he has the hots.

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