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It's All Their Fault

MAVO tells us about the game night when Lynette was clued in to the truth about Eddie's life. We know it's recent, because Lynette's very pregnant. And if we hadn't noticed this, Tom makes it clear in charades, when Lynette gestures at herself, and Tom says: "You. Ooh, ooh, pregnant! Bloated! Swollen! Huge!" Ha. Lynette tells him she's a lady, and he guesses a bunch of crap until Eddie says, "My Fair Lady," which is correct. The doorbell rings, and it's haggard Diane (emphasis on "hag"). Lynette tries to invite her in, but she's having none of it, though she makes a snide comment about her invitation getting lost in the mail. Tom and Lynette try to protect Eddie from Barbara's abuse. Lynette tells her she shouldn't talk to her son that way, and Barbara asks if he's her pet project: "You feed him a little dinner and let him play your stupid games so you feel good about yourself?" Lynette looks startled and Barbara tells her she has her number and leaves with Eddie.

Next day (or so it seems), Eddie is looking out the window again, and this time we see he's looking at a happy mother and young son. He smiles. We know it's the same time as the first of the episode when Barbara asks him for Scotch and thinks there's some in his room. He leaves again to go fix Lynette's car and get her some. This time we get Eddie's perspective first, as he shows up to fix Lynette's car. She asks how things are at home, and he changes the subject to ask if the tools are in the garage so he can get started. His mom busts his bedroom door down when Tom and Lynette talk in the kitchen about Eddie. She's so livid about the previous night -- not at Barbara, but at them for letting Barbara talk to Eddie like that. Tom says they can't do anything, but Lynette says everyone says that, but they all know she's a drunken nightmare, and they know bad things are happening in that house, but they do nothing. She says she's tired of doing nothing, and Tom points out Eddie's an adult and can leave when he wants. Lynette thinks he's too damaged to know how to leave. Tom asks where she's going with his.

Eddie arrives home with his mom's Scotch, but she's holding his scrapbook, and asks him why he would collect all of these articles about girls in Fairview who have been strangled or murdered. He looks down, and she begs him to tell her the truth: Did he have anything to do with it? He cries and barely nods yes. She falls backward in disgust and tears, asking how he could do this, since she didn't raise him to be like this. Eddie: "Didn't you?" She asks what that's supposed to mean, because this isn't her fault. He tells her to sit back down since she's upset, and he offers her something to drink. Buts she says he's going to try to blame her, so screw him. She picks up the phone to call the police, and he tells her to put it down. She tells him she's always said the worst mistake she's ever made is having him. So he hits her on the back of the head with the bottle of Scotch. It ruins her call, but only causes enough damage to keep her out for a second. She lunges at him, and he strangles her, with the teddy bear Mary Alice gave him in the foreground and a picture of them together on the mantle behind them.

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