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Every Day A Little Death

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Every Day A Little Death

Remember that Shadowy Older Man Mike hung out with at the park? I think his name is Frank, or something. Well, it is now. Mike shows up at Frank's house and finds him on the porch. He wants it all back: "My maps, pictures, my gun. And the money." "Oh, my money?" Frank asks. Mike tells Frank that he's never going to get someone who "cares as much about finding Deidre as [Mike] [does]." Frank rolls his eyes: "Why, because you loved her so much? You abandoned her, remember? You saved yourself. Found yourself a nice safe wife. And left my daughter to rot. So forgive me if I question your level of commitment." So Mike, naturally, slams Frank against a pole and grits that he needs to do this: "Why are you fighting me?" Frank rolls his eyes yet again: "Because you haven't been moving fast enough." A meta-statement about this plot if I ever heard one, so thank you, Frank. Also, because Frank has a tumor "pressing on his brain." Wouldn't that be...a brain tumor? At any rate, Mike looks stunned. "I'm gonna die," Frank says. "And I'd like to know what happened to my daughter before I do."

Yoga. A real cancer survivor wants to give Parsley a pep talk. And Lynette lets her. So now Paltry is worried that he's going to die. Lynette assures him he isn't, and finally admits he doesn't have cancer and that she is THE MOST HORRIBLE WOMAN EVER. I must, however, report that Lynette does look really guilty about this. She hates it when people discover that she is a really horrible, horrible, terrible, awful person.

KimberBree is gardening in her front yard, wearing the same jeans I own. George comes up on crutches. He's been thinking, he says. He doesn't care what they call it! "Dating"! "Hanging out"! He just wants to be with her: "I really need our friendship back." KimberBree kindly tells him that she doesn't think that would be very wise, since he would keep hoping that she would fall in love with him. "Oh, George," she tells him sadly, and George sniffles that he wishes she wouldn't say it like that -- like he's "so pathetic." KimberBree insists that she doesn't think he's pathetic: "It's just that...I can't." He sniffles. "Oh, jeez," he cries, and starts crutching away, and she goes after him, and grabs his arm, and he yelps and shakes her off and then falls down her steps. So much for his balance not being affected. Poor George. He's totally the new Susan. Finally, George screams that he doesn't need KimberBree and he doesn't need anybody and blah blah blah. KimberBree just looks horrified.

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