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Every Day A Little Death

Those ladies are kinda bitches. Attending memorial services for neighbors and co-workers -- even if you didn't like them much -- is part of our social fabric. KimberBree, at least, I would think would want to do the socially correct thing, and pay her respects to a woman she knew, who was MURDERED. No one enjoys attending funerals -- except maybe vampires, but that's neither here nor there on this show, which is a shame -- but sometimes adults have to do things we don't want to do. These woman are very disappointing individuals. Lynette and Gabrielle are extremely selfish characters, so I'm not surprised that they're wiggling out of the memorial service, but KimberBree is at least driven by the social niceties; and Susan, although dim, is a fundamentally good hearted and kind woman. They are better than this. Moreover, I don't know if it's intentional -- I suspect that it is -- but the way the 4H treat Edie is juvenile and cruel. I know they don't like her, but they could and should treat her civilly, and they seem to NEVER have done so. While this does serve to make me feel very sympathetically toward Edie, it has what I suspect is the unintended effect of making me dislike our protagonists.

Lynette comes upstairs to check on the kids. Okay, so we later learn that the poker party is Tuesday, and at lunchtime. So why are the twins home? Shouldn't they be at Posh Academy, driving their teachers to certain alcoholism? Instead, they've attacked Polio. He has gum all up in his hair.

Cut to the bathroom, where Lynette is handling this by just ripping the gum out with a comb. Here's the thing: Pliers is her THIRD CHILD. How has she not run into the Gum In The Hair Issue yet? Everyone knows that peanut butter takes out gum. So does ice. Lynette tells him that she knows it hurts, but that's what he gets. Pesky asks if she's mad. She says she's mad and cranky. She needs her downtime, she tells him. Lynette? Shut up. Tell it to your therapist or your friends or Gay Matt, or post it on the boards at Your kid doesn't need to hear about how he's emotionally wearing you down. "And it's frustrating for me, too, because I do want to be the best mommy I can be," she finishes. Well, look, lady, you ordered a new nanny last week. Why don't you call the agency and see where that poor fugly individual is? Pandemonium tells her he thinks she's the best mommy in the world. Most mothers would react to this by saying, "Aw, sweetie, thank you. I love you, too," and then they would hug their kid. Lynette just sighs, "Well, that's sweet of you, but it's not exactly true." Then she gets the clippers. Pestle looks alarmed.

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