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Bolens. Nick comes in and says Susan just shot Katherine. Angie smiles, "What?!" Nick says she's okay, but freaked out. Angie says she didn't peg Susan as a gun owner, and Danny says, "Oh, crap." Nick is about to dial but that stops him. They listen to Danny explain that he gave the gun to Julie for protection. Nick says that gun is under their real name, and what if they trace it back to them? Angie says they're not going to let that happen.

Back outside, Katherine tells Susan she's going to jail for this, since everyone heard her threaten Katherine at the meeting. Susan says, "Oh, please. If I were going to kill you, I wouldn't do it in my own front yard. I'd sneak into your house and shoot you while you were asleep." Katherine looks around, like, "Anyone?" And they all look sort of in awe at Susan, who says, "Not that I'd ever do that." Katherine storms off, saying she's going home to call the police. Nick and Angie come out then and Angie heads to Katherine's with her, offering to clean up the wound. She says the ambulance is on its way. Inside, Angie bandages the wound, and when Katherine tries to call the police, Angie pulls the phone away and tells her not to move. Katherine thinks Angie's crazy, but Angie takes a smarter position. She tells Katherine she sees the way Mike looks at her. But she says she needs to take the high road, since Susan's MJ's mom. And if she does that, Susan will look like a monster and she'll look like a saint. Katherine loves this. Nick shows up and asks how they're doing. Katherine's fine, and when Nick flashes the gun at Angie, she agrees with Katherine and says they won't be needing the ambulance anymore. Angie heads back out to the chattering group. Susan asks if she's going to jail. Angie says she's not calling anybody. She was a little worked up, but they talked and it will be okay.

Katherine's in her window, looking out, as Mary Alice begins her closing narration. "It is in our nature to judge the people around us. If they ignore our wishes, we believe they are disrespectful." We see Roy, back to work for Lynette, who watches him skeptically. "If they don't watch their children, we conclude they are unfit parents." Laura watches as Juanita and Celia wrestle in the park and Gaby talks on her phone, paying no attention. "If we catch them cheating, we assume we know their reasons." Danny watches his mom and dad leave the house. "But what happens when we finally stop for a moment to judge our own lives?" Bree's in the hotel, looking at the Bible in the nightstand drawer. "It can be painful to step back and see what we've been doing." Karl takes off his shirt, and as Bree gets up to kiss him, Mary Alice closes, "And even more painful to realize we have no intention of stopping." So, Bree's storyline, which was actually poignant, meant nothing? Thanks for that, show.

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