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Deathmatch: Monkey vs. Clown

Motor Lodge. Bree enters a room that the judgmental maid is cleaning. When the maid asks if Bree needs something in her room, Bree says she came here to see her, actually. The maid makes a joke, based on her Jamaican accent, that she doesn't have any weed to sell, but Bree's not interested in ganja (can you imagine?!). She says she came to tell her she didn't appreciate her disdainful look yesterday. The maid says she has 12 rooms to clean so no time to argue. Bree offers to help clean, then. The maid says she won't look at her anymore, but Bree says she shouldn't make snap judgments, because if she knew more about her marriage, she'd see her very differently. The maid says she doesn't need to know about her marriage, but Bree says she does if she's going to judge. She tells her that her husband is a controlling ex-con and she's practically his prisoner. The maid says he's a good man, which she knows because he went shopping for her. She'd give anything to have a man do her shopping for her, but Bree's just sneaking off with her boyfriend. Bree asks who the maid is to judge, since she can't even make hospital corners. The maid asks if she'd like her to say that cheating's not a sin if you do it in pearls. She tells Bree that they're done here, unless she'd like to clean the toilet. Bree leaves.

Scavo's. Lynette finds Roy working on the flower boxes, compliments them, and then gives him a birdhouse to hang and tells him which tree she'd like it in. He takes it and walks toward a different tree. She hollers after him, and he says Tom wanted it in this other tree. She says Tom probably forgot that the sprinklers go off where Tom wanted it, so he can hang it where she says. She leaves and Roy gets on his phone. She realizes he's talking to Tom and storms over. He gets off the phone, and tells her she's everywhere and they should get her a bell. He says he called Tom to see if he's okay with it, since he's the man of the house. Lynette knows that since Roy's using a cell phone, he knows what century it is, but to clarify: He doesn't have to check with Tom. Roy says he prefers to treat Tom with a little respect. "Just because you like crunching his walnuts doesn't mean I do." She assures him Tom's walnuts are intact, and then tells Roy to leave. Roy says he wants to hang the birdhouse first, and Tom didn't care where, so she wins. Lynette storms after him and tells him to leave, but he says he promised Tom he'd do it. She grabs the birdhouse and throws it down, shattering it. Roy tells her he'd clean it up, but she just fired him.

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Desperate Housewives




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