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Deathmatch: Monkey vs. Clown

Juanita's party. Laura's dropping Rachel off, and worrying whether she should actually leave Rachel. Gaby tells her not to worry, but Laura turns to Susan and asks if she'll be here. Susan nods yes, so Laura leaves. But first she gives Gaby a terrible glare. Gaby asks Susan for reassurance that she's a good mom, and Susan says she brought her kid, didn't she? Gaby agrees she did, but then realizes, "But wait. You're staying." Susan goes to get a drink. Gaby sees Juanita's pouting and asks what's wrong. She says the monkey's being put away, because he's tired. Gaby approaches the monkey trainer and says no way, since she paid for two hours. The trainer says the monkey's tired because he had two parties the previous day. The clown says to let the monkey go; he can handle this gig. But Gaby needs the monkey to make this the greatest party ever, so she forces him to stay on, by threatening that the monkey will never work in this town again if he doesn't stay on.

Motor Lodge. The maid comes in to Bree's room and asks if she called for a light bulb. She puts it in the lamp Bree tells her to and asks Bree if her boyfriend stood her up. Bree says no way; he just called and is on his way. The maid tells Bree if she finishes her magazine, there's a Bible in the nightstand. Before she can leave, Bree asks the maid if her husband cheated on her once or all the time. She says she has been wondering what would make a woman so quick to judge anyone who has an affair and then she realized her husband must have had an affair. Or, you know, she just doesn't like cheaters. I don't think you have to have been cheated on to feel that way. The maid storms out, and then comes right back. She tells Bree her husband was the best man she ever knew, but he wasn't good enough for her, so she cheated like Bree, wanting fun and excitement. She says it was a real good time, and asks Bree if she's having a good time. Bree says she is, so the maid tells her to enjoy it while it lasts. It didn't last long for her, and afterward, she didn't have a husband or boyfriend. And now she sees women doing this all the time, and she just gives them a look. Bree apologizes that her affair ended badly, but that doesn't mean hers will. She goes to the bathroom to wash her hands or something, and the maid follows. She asks if Bree ever feels guilty. Bree says no, but then turns to the maid and says, "Yes. All right. Yes, I feel guilty all the time." When she comes home to Orson and there's such love and hope in his eyes. She wants to shake him and tell him to stop loving her, since she's not worth it anymore. The maid asks if she doesn't want to be worth it again. Bree's teary-eyed, but Karl enters then. He sees the serious conversation and asks if there's a problem. The maid says, "No sir. Just turning on a light." That's a little on-the-nose, but I sort of liked it anyway. I like that maid character and hope she comes back.

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