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Previously: Jackson and Susan announced their marriage, so Mike proposed to Katherine. Then Jackson got deported. Bree robbed herself, and Orson found her storage unit. Susan told Creepy Dave she was the driver who killed his family. Now Mary Alice brings us into the episode by telling us that Creepy Dave wants to be forgiven, which is why he made the videotape. On the tape, he explains that he didn't want to kill MJ, but he had to because Susan killed his wife and daughter. He says he knows it was supposedly an accident, but that a person who took two precious lives shouldn't be allowed to just walk away. And he couldn't kill Susan, because there would be no suffering. He gets emotional and says, "And to those who hate me because I took the life of an innocent young boy, I say..." Doorbell rings. "...Ah, crap." He shuts off the camera, though, so I guess that's a wrap. Mary Alice tells us again that Creepy Dave wanted everyone to forgive him. He opens his door to find MJ, who shows off the new tackle box he got for their fishing trip. Mary Alice finishes, "But not until he finished doing the unforgivable." MJ smiles sweetly. Get it? He's cute and innocent so killing him is bad. I'm glad they hit us over the head with that, because it totally wasn't clear that killing a kid was bad before.

Mary Alice is back after credits and commercials, explaining how the detectives on the nightclub fire case came to figure out that the burned body went from being John Doe to Dr. Heller. They first got a call from an impound lot about a car that had been rented by Dr. Heller, who had been reported missing four months earlier. The dental records confirmed it, but his receptionist didn't. Because, remember, Creepy Dave was texting her, which she tells them. She says the last text she got from Dr. Heller was just a few weeks ago. The detectives would like to send a text back, so they ask for the phone. Creepy Dave's Dr. Heller phone buzzes, but he's on the way out of his house. He arrives at Susan's, and she wants to know if he said something to MJ about the fishing trip. He did, because he totally wants to cheer her up and he even got MJ a life vest. Susan wishes she could go, but she's worried about Jackson and she wants to be home if he calls. Creepy Dave gets very pushy and mean about it, even stopping her from closing the door. He calls Susan selfish for not letting MJ go fishing. Susan pushes back and says she just told him she couldn't go. He says he's just thinking about MJ, and Susan says he'll be fine. Creepy Dave finally relents, saying it's just a trip.

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