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What Mystery?

Susan gets a call from Jackson, who's in an orange jumpsuit in jail. He says he'll be deported in a couple days, but wanted to call her and thank her, and tell her he'll miss her. She says she'll miss him, too, because he's amazing. She asks how the immigration people found out about him, and he says it was an anonymous tip, which he thinks was obviously Mike. She can't believe Mike would do this, but he says Mike and Katherine were the only people who knew, and Katherine was doing cartwheels about them getting married. She thinks Mike wouldn't do that since he knew it wasn't real, but he says real or not, Mike had the look of someone who wasn't ready to give her up. Jackson has to go, but he'll try to call her again before he "leaves." Why can't they just get married and keep Gale Harold on this show forever?! WHY?! Susan looks across the street and waves at Mike, definitely starting to suspect him herself.

Lynette's chopping zucchini when Tom and Preston get home. She asks how the tour was, and Tom's all, "Fantastic." He says it was inspiring, what with the students and professors. Lynette knew if Preston saw the campus, he'd have a change of heart, but Preston says he's still going to Europe. Tom says, yeah, Preston needs a little convincing, but he doesn't; he is going back to school. He says that walking across the quad made him feel alive, so all he has to do is pass an entrance exam. Lynette tries to understand this: So, he'd be a college student again 25 years after the first time? He says this time he'd be focused, though, knowing exactly what he'd want to major in: Chinese. She's all, "Chinese?"

And then Bree, Gaby, and Susan are all on Lynette's couches and they all say in unison, "Chinese?!" They ask why, and Lynette says they didn't get that far before Tom left to buy a backpack. Bree tells Lynette that's definitely bad. Lynette says it's random, but if she points it out, she's a bitch. Susan wonders when being practical and realistic became "bitchy," and Gaby says it was the first time a man did something stupid and a woman pointed it out. Lynette says she knows Tom will learn to count to ten and then move on to something else, so Gaby says she should just do the bitch thing. Bree says she can actually get her way without being perceived as a nagging shrew: She just has to wait for an opportunity that she can use to her advantage, and appear supportive all the while. Gaby suggests just shutting down her hoo-ha until he does what she wants. Lynette thinks she might as well start shopping for beekeeper suits (because beekeeping will be the next thing Tom moves on to, obviously). Susan sees Mike arrive home, and excuses herself. Across the street, she tells Katherine she needs to talk to Mike, but he's in the shower. Susan comes inside to wait.

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