Desperate Housewives

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Besmirched, Bollocksed & Befuddled

Next week: When she decides to let Susan supervise her children, the ladies realize that Lynette is back on drugs and stage an intervention. Gabrielle sells her stupid fat children to gypsies and uses the money to go on the lam, once she kidnaps Grace for good. Tom's post-mommy depression and his post-partum depression team up into a super-depression, causing him to rocket past marijuana and straight to the hard stuff: China Pearl Hand Cream. Andrew sleeps with Keith and takes over his mother's company, causing her to rip off her wig. Somebody opens a restaurant, somebody burns that restaurant down. Renee throws a party for SF Giants pitcher Brian Wilson at which he gets wasted and cries about our breakup, promising to never leave again; Carlos takes to cleaning house in a wrestling singlet for a surprisingly large webcam fanbase; and Susan manages to get her head stuck in her own steering wheel for an entire episode.

Watch the episode below, discuss it in our forums, then see our favorite show psychopaths.

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Desperate Housewives




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