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Fear No More

It's dark and Susan is taking out the trash. When she puts down the lid (again with the retro metal garbage cans! Where IS this Wisteria Lane?), surprise! Look who's standing right next to her. It's CreePaul! "Hello Susan," he says in his weird Norman Bates voice. He understands that she and Edie broke into his house, hello? Susan tries bluffing with a "huh?" It's okay, he assures her, he's not mad. In fact, he's willing to tell her whatever she wants to know about Angela. Mark Moses does an amazing job here of portraying an evil man trying to portray a friendly man. The strain of it sends a current through this whole scene.

Cut to CreePaul bringing Susan tea, explaining that Angela was named for an aunt that she had a big falling-out with, so she changed her name to Mary Alice. That's it! Nobody here but us chickens! Susan doesn't think that really sounds like something Mary Alice would do. "Neither did suicide," Paul reminds her rather matter-of-factly, "but we both know that she did it." With that, Paul tries to wrap things up, asking if Susan can finally put this to rest? Or does she need to break into his house for anything else. Ho, ho! Susan seems very tired, and indeed ready to put it all behind her, but at the last second she asks to see the videotape of Angela -- it would be nice to see MA when she was young. Paul gives some lame excuse about how the entire box of tapes was recently thrown out with the trash. Suspicious! And it's plain to see that Susan isn't buying it. Paul lurches over to her and says, "I'm serious when I say I hope you'll leave my family alone now. This endless suspicion of yours has become very tiring." "I couldn't agree more," Susan says, and walks out. Hmmm.

Back at the Best Little Show on Earth, Annabel, Tom, and Lynette are sitting in the living room having coffee and strawberries and...freaky grey lumps. Annabel's cell phone rings and it's Peterson, her (and Tom's) boss. She goes into the other room to take the call, giving Tom a chance to comment on the little show Lynette's put together. "'Show'?" Lynette says all innocent. Tom: "The boys' painting, all the references to how happy we are?" Ouch. References to their happiness are just a show? I've always kind of thought Tom and Lynette had the most solid relationship on Wisteria Lane, buried secrets aside. At least they joke with each other. Lynette wonders what's so wrong with subtly reminding Annabel that Tom's happily married? "Because it wasn't subtle, and it's an insult to me." Lynette insists that she didn't mean it that way, and gets up to clear away the grey lumps.

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