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Fear No More

Then Tom just explodes, pretty much yelling, "Are you so insecure that you have to pull that crap?" "Keep your voice down!" Lynette hisses. Yeah, Tom. Not so classy, what with Annabel in the next room -- it would have been much nicer and productive of him to wait until they were alone. But I guess he's been boiling over for quite awhile now? "It doesn't matter if she has feelings for me," he says in slightly lower tones (oh so she IS attracted to him!), "as long as I am not interested. Have I ever, ever given you reason to doubt me?" "The first time we ever met," Lynette says, getting mad now, "you were cheating." "With you, cheating with YOU!" Wow, Tom is mad! "It's a pattern of behavior!" Lynette counters. Huh. I know what she's driving at here, but Lynette is getting into dangerous territory with this line of thought. She should have worked all this stuff out before they got married, and had eight million ill-behaved children, whom she is incapable of spanking. More yelling here, yelling, yelling. But then, ooh, we get to the meat of their problems, the real juice. "How many times have you said, 'if you ever touch another woman, I will take the boys and walk out of here and you will never see us again'?" Tom says. "Oh that's just something wives say to their husbands," Lynette says. If she really believes that, she's in more trouble than she thinks. "God, Lynette, you're just so convinced that I'm going to be unfaithful. It makes me sick. The distrust, the paranoia. It seems like you're not going to be happy until you drive me out of this marriage just to prove yourself right!" Lynette looks so crushed by this that Tom tries to take it back, but Lynette says it's too late, it's been said. Tom: "Well, then, just consider it something that husbands say to their wives."

Cue Annabel, who comes sashaying back in to announce that they have to go back in to work and redo the entire presentation. Tonight! Tom's too drunk to drive, so Annabel offers to take him to the office. (Ah ha! I was wondering where this burst of defiance was coming from! Usually Tom outdoes himself trying to smooth Lynette's feathers, but tonight he's really sticking it to her. What is it they say -- sober man's mind, drunk man's tongue?) "Don't worry, Lynette," Annabel says, halfway out the door, "I'll deliver him back to you just as soon as I can." "Please do," Lynette says in defeat. Holy crazy, that was a good fight!

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