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Katherine's in the Fairview police station. What's she doing there? Flashing back to the last time she was in a police station, of course. Battered and bruised, she had reported Wayne's abuse to the cops before, but the paperwork "got lost." The female officer who talked to her at the time gave her some advice: rather than pressing charges against her cop husband and seeing the paperwork "get lost" again, Katherine should get some money and her daughter and run. So Katherine did just that. "To a place she thought would be safe," Mary Alice narrates knowingly. Because nothing bad ever happens in Fairview, of course.

Back in the present, Katherine is trying to tell the police that Wayne kidnapped Adam, but the detective who takes her statement isn't hearing it. So Katherine realizes it's time to go again. She rushes home (it's daytime again) and starts packing, but of course Dylan wants to know what's going on. "Okay, I'll tell you," Katherine agrees. Ain't season finales the shit?

But we don't hear any of it, and the next thing we know, Dylan is pushing Katherine down and running out of the house as Mary Alice tells us that the truth had finally caught up with Katherine. When's it going to catch up with the rest of us?

Susan, Katherine, Bree, and Lynette sit around the card table, with Maynard in a bassinet next to Susan. Presumably, Benjamin is safely tucked away in Bree's refrigerator or something. Anyway, Bree is trying to convince the girls to include Katherine in their games. Especially now that Edie appears to be gone for the foreseeable future, at least to those of us who remain unspoiled. But the other three don't think Katherine will ever be one of them. Make a note of that. Just then Katherine rushes in, asking to talk to Bree: she's ditching out on Bob and Lee's commitment ceremony the next day, and she can't explain why. After Katherine rushes out, Bree avenges the other ladies' "I told you so" faces by drafting them to help.

Back home, Susan in turn attempts to draft Julie to help out as well, but Julie's got bigger news: she got into Princeton, and a professor who read her "senior thesis" was so impressed she's been offered a "summer internship." Susan shoots that down, because it makes no damn sense for any of that shit to happen to a graduating high school senior. Although she claims it's because they can't afford it. Mike pulls Susan aside and offers to help out with the five grand he inherited from Grandpa Maynard, but Susan claims that Mike is on her side. "But don't forget, it is a huge honor, " she calls after a deeply disappointed Julie.

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