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Meanwhile, Katherine asks Wayne who he's going to blame her death on after he kills her. And then who should walk in but Ellie? She grabs one of Katherine's kitchen knives and tells Wayne (because Katherine's out of Ellie's sight behind the kitchen counter) that she just needs to hide out in the house for a minute. Wayne responds reasonably enough: he holds up one of Katherine's throw pillows, with Katherine's gun behind it, and shoots Ellie through the heart with one of Katherine's bullets. The hollowpoint does its thing, and Ellie drops dead to Katherine's floor, totally solving Wayne's problem of whom to blame for Katherine's imminent death.

And at the ceremony, Mrs. McC lets Bree know that Katherine didn't leave town after all: she just saw her an hour ago. Bree heads right over to the Mayfair house to give Katherine what-for. Indeed, there had better be a good explanation for this.

While Wayne loots Ellie's corpse, Katherine tells him that Dylan left, taking with her the only leverage that Wayne had with Katherine. Enraged, Wayne is about to pistol-whip Katherine when suddenly an angry Bree knocks on her door.

And Mrs. McC tells a couple of uniformed cops that she saw Ellie go thataway.

Now Wayne's got a tied-up Katherine and Bree as hostages. Wayne prepares to shoot Bree in the knee, and that -- plus the fact that it's the final act of the season finale -- induces Katherine to spill.

Flashback. Katherine came walking up to the house with her Aunt Lily, and the babysitter reported that Wayne had stopped by, bringing Dylan a bicycle and a doll and everything. Katherine rushed inside and started packing to flee again while Dylan slept, but then the older woman came in to say that Wayne just arrived. Katherine told her to let him in, resolving to tell Wayne that he wasn't welcome, and neither were his gifts. Which is why she stuck the doll Wayne gave Dylan high atop a wardrobe in Dylan's room before going down to face Wayne. And when she did, they had an argument over Dylan that ended with Katherine clubbing Wayne to the floor with a candlestick and Wayne staggering out. Katherine thought that was it, but later that night she was awakened by a scream: Aunt Lily found the wardrobe flat on the floor, with a tiny, cold arm poking out from underneath it, because Dylan -- the original Dylan, not the one we all know and barely tolerate -- apparently tried to climb up to retrieve the doll and ended up pulling the whole piece down on herself. Oh, dude, that's got to suck. But how did anyone not hear that thing come crashing down? Did Katherine and Wayne really make that much racket?

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