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Suicide Is Painless

And that's it! The end! And the only good thing I can say about this finale is that Mike and Susan's wedding was really nice. That, and I'm very happy it wasn't a two-hour-a-thon like last year. Oh and B.J. Hunnicutt! The bad: I guessed the truth of Bree's big mystery way too easily, Lynette and Gabby's storylines were way too depressing, and the show itself felt like it was spinning its wheels for the first fifty-five minutes, just skipping over the frothy fun parts (what, they're not going to show us Carlos and Gabby having sex, REALLY?) and shortcutting right to the misery. And the ugly? The only OhMyGod of the whole show was Edie's suicide, which came from so far out in outer left field, and was so was untrue to character, and so "Hey, I have an idea!" that it really was nothing but shocking for shocking's sake.

So that's the end of Season 3. Will Carlos come busting in just in time to save Edie's neck? Will Bree's ridiculous baby scheme actually fool anybody? Will Lynette live to bicker with her mother another day? More importantly, will any of you be back to watch it? You'll just have to wait until September to find out.

Until then, then! And thanks so much for reading these recaps, everybody!

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