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Lynette is getting ready to leave for work. She tells Tom that they just announced on the radio that Fairview (i.e., the Hand Of God) is still "having problems" with its power, so there's probably going to be another "rolling blackout" today. Ah, so that explains everything. She pointedly asks him if he saw the review in the paper, and he pointedly says that he did, and then he pointedly clams up. She gives a little hurt "whatever" shrug and heads out the door. Inside her car, she sits there for a second, and then she dreamily removes her hair from its chastity clip. Uh-oh. Can I get an extra-large pizza, topped with hot beef and Spanish fly, on a super-thin crust?

Hey, do you guys remember how, just three short months ago, Tom gave a toast at the opening of the Scavoria, thanking Lynette for everything and telling her how much he appreciated her? Yeah, I can't really remember it, either.

MAVO: "Power. It's the type of thing most people don't think about until it's taken away." Tom, looking like a crushed and dented shell of a man, is just sitting in his chair, staring off into space. The power goes out and the fan beside him dies, and he just keeps on just sitting there, alone, in the dark. Get it? GET IT?

MAVO: "Whether it's the political power of the many." Gabby and PMGM take in the latest Herald headline ("LANG BOUNCES BACK IN THE POLLS!") and exchange an ebullient kiss.

MAVO: "Or a lover's influence over just one." Edie and Carlos are busy kissing in Mike's living room when in walks Mike. Guilty Carlos turns to look at Mike, but Edie just grabs his head and forces him back into the kiss. So I guess Mike knows about Edie and Carlos?

MAVO: "We all want some sort of power in our lives. If only to give ourselves choices." Susan takes off Ian's engagement ring and sighs mournfully.

MAVO: "Yes, to be without choices, to feel utterly powerless?" A policeman leads Mrs. McC into a cell and slides the barred door shut. MAVO continues: "Well, it's a lot..." the lights go off, and Mrs. McC is left there, blinking like a baby bird in the dark, her arm in a sad little sling, " being alone in the dark." Mark my words: insurance scam.

Huh. For an episode that features blackmail and wedding proposals and wedding cancellations and melting bodies, it feels an awful lot like nothing really happened. Maybe next week, things will be better. Because there's...going to be a tarantula? Loose on Wisteria Lane? Or something?

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