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Goodbye For Now

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Goodbye For Now

Previously: oh you know, everybody's rotten and no one can be trusted. Also, Gabby is totally pregnant.

MAVO: "Edie Britt's favorite moment of every day was her arrival at the construction site of her new home, because she knew what was about to happen. Her sudden appearance was always sure to generate a few appreciative glances, a few lascivious looks, and some downright ogling." MAVO calls it exactly like she sees it: Edie pulls up to the construction and does indeed get glances, looks, and ogles. "Sadly for Edie, the one man she wanted most to notice her," as across the way Mike comes out to pick up the paper, "paid her no attention at all." Edie waves, but Mike doesn't see her, and Edie lowers her waving arm in sad, sad disappointment. Huh. Edie doesn't really strike me as the pining sort. But if you say so, MA. "Yes, Edie needed attention to feel good about herself. And she was determined to get it."

Edie -- wearing a shirt so small that it would reveal half of the bra underneath it even if it weren't absolutely see-through -- pulls her convertible up to the construction site. A goofy construction worker hems and haws and pants and then finally manages to ask her out. Edie: "Oh honey, you are so far out of your league that you're playing a completely different sport." Ouch. Edie steals a box of doughnuts and walks them over to Mike's, leaving a very crushed-looking goofy construction worker in her wake.

As she climbs Mike's steps, we get a blinding eyeful of Edie's cleavage, which is looking positively Benny Hill-ish in magnitude. Seriously, for the duration of this scene, whenever Edie speaks, imagine her head perched atop two huddled bald men. Mike opens the door wearing a faded tee. "Nice ensemble," Edie says, though she pronounces it the French way, "ahn sahm." I'm not so sure what is so noteworthy about Mike's outfit -- it's not sloppy enough to deserve sarcasm, nor tidy enough to deserve a compliment -- but okay. "You busy?" Mike overreacts weirdly with a laughing no, oh no. Edie tells him that she bought her workingmen some fresh doughnuts (lies!), and that there was a surplus and would Mike maybe want to...? And then out from underneath Mike's arm pops Susan, wearing nothing but her bra and panties (Cute! Pink! Matching!) and a shorty robe. "Susan!" Edie says, understandably surprised. "Well, what..." Edie stutters. "Mike and I got back together!" Susan says brightly. Edie, recovering fast: "Super!" Susan: "I knew you'd be happy for us." Susan wonders what Edie is doing there. Edie: "Free doughnuts. You want 'em or not." Susan suggests that Mike go put them on a plate, yelling after him to save her one with sprinkles. She's smiling giddily in this scene, and understandably so: based on what I just saw of her itsy bitsy body, Susan hasn't eaten a doughnut since 1983, so clearly this is going to be a big, dear-diary kind of day for her.

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