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Goodbye For Now

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Goodbye For Now

Justin is in his robe with cute bedhead, eating a sandwich, which he sniffs first before eating it -- a lovely little detail that speaks volumes about the bachelor conditions he and Gardener John enjoy. There's a knock on the door: Gabby, wanting to know if John is there. Justin: "If I say no, are you going to slap me again?" But this is no time for joking, Gabby has just left her husband! Justin looks a great deal like Brad Pitt in this scene.

Outside, Carlos pulls up across the street, and he sees Gabby come out with Justin who, still in his robe, gives Gabby a big hug before she gets back into her car and drives off. Justin is just about to get back together with his sandwich when there's another knock at the door. He opens it, and who should be standing there but Carlos and his teeny snapped brain. And before Justin gets a chance to say anything, Carlos pounds him in the face, and then proceeds to kick and punch him. "You think just because you mow my lawn you can pound my wife?" Carlos demands, which makes very little sense; I don't think many people confuse lawn privileges with sex privileges. But obviously Carlos isn't thinking straight -- in fact, he's truly unhinged and scary in this scene. Luckily, the police arrive and peel Carlos off Justin, who still has not said a word.

Annabel is in Peterson's office, clearly getting some good news. As soon as she's done, Tom comes over to ask her for the juice. Annabel has had a crazy day: first the people from Mitchell and Kerns (Lynette's old company) called to offer her a job, and then Peterson countered by making Annabel VP! You know, Dugan's job? The job Tom had briefly, before Lynette managed to get it taken away? Tom goes stomping into Peterson's office, demanding he be told just what the hell is going on. Well, they just couldn't lose Annabel -- not since they were so short-handed. "Well, guess what, you lose me!" Tom shouts. "'Cause I quit!" Peterson tries to calm Tom down, but Tom will not be calmed. When they passed him over the first time, he took it like a "good soldier," but since Dugan's heart attack, he's already been doing the job; then Peterson goes and hands it to Annabel? Tom: "You make crappy decisions on a daily basis, Dan, I gotta tell you, but this one? This is the stupidest." Tom, already way too far to turn back now, gets out the flamethrower and starts really torching that bridge, telling his boss that he's been running the company into the ground since the day he got there. Peterson: "All right, Scavo, you want to know why I gave it to Annabel -- why she got the nod instead of you? It was Lynette." Peterson tells Tom how Lynette begged Peterson's wife to get him to kill the promotion, claiming that the extra traveling was going to hurt their family. Tom, with sad music swelling: "She did that?" Peterson, nodding: "And now I feel like a chump for helping you guys out. I guess it was another one of my crappy decisions. Have your desk cleaned out by tonight." Bye bye, Tom.

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