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Goodbye For Now

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Goodbye For Now

The police are questioning Carlos, wanting to know what he has against this kid. In the background, Justin is in a neck brace, lying on a gurney. Carlos says it's between him and Justin, and Carlos's wife. "Is that what this is about?" the cop asks Justin kind of aggressively. "You doing his wife?" The way the cop says it makes it seems as though he thinks such an offense deserves a beating. "No," Justin says. "I'm gay." Carlos: "This is not happening again." Cop: "What do you mean, 'again'?" Carlos collapses back onto the couch and asks for a lawyer.

Bree is grocery shopping. And so is George! Bree, icily: "Why are you shopping here? You live on the other side of town." George: "My friend had an operation. I'm buying her some things." Which, as calculated, makes Bree feel guilty and also warms her iciness. George confesses that he actually has to tell her something. And then he drops the bomb: "You need to tell Rex to be more discreet when it comes to discussing your love life." He pretends to be unwilling to say anything more, which of course is out of the question, since Bree is both confused and upset and now intensely curious. George tries rolling his shopping cart away, but Bree calls after him, and a smile of victory flits across his face. With fake reluctance, George stops his cart and tells Bree that while at the hospital, visiting his "friend," he overheard some doctors talking about Rex and his preference for S&M. And the way he says "S&M," both very seriously and also dorky, is almost funny -- à la Jane Fonda in 9 to 5 telling her ex-husband that yes she's totally into M&Ms -- if it weren't just so dastardly. Bree, of course, looks absolutely crushed. George seals the deal: "Apparently he has a box And he gets you to do very inappropriate things?" George says in an innocently unsure voice, like "what is this thing called 'box of toys'? We do not have this on my planet. We only have our love of photographing stolen underwear. And the security tapes we and watch at home, at night, alone." George goes on to insist that he never would have said anything, but something about hearing those hospital men laughing about Bree, well...he just couldn't remain mum. I very much wonder what happened to George as a child to twist him so fundamentally. Anyway, Bree is crushed, destroyed, devastated. Mission? Accomplished.

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