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Goodbye For Now

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Goodbye For Now

Oh right, Susan. Mike arrives with more boxes, prompting a festival of Frenching from Susan. "That's your answer to everything these days," says Mike. She laughs and wonders what they should do for dinner. Unfortunately, Mike can't make dinner re: an emergency broken pipe. Oh, okay, so it's Thursday, and Mike's going to go paddle CreePaul down at the baseball diamond. Susan tells Mike that she'll keep it warm for him. Mike repeats that he's going to be too late for dinner. "I wasn't talking about dinner," Susan replies. Flirt! Mike laughs and turns to go into the house. Susan slides some empty boxes out of the cab of Mike's truck. Wait, why is he bringing empty boxes to Susan's house? Isn't he moving in? Shouldn't he be bringing full boxes over? Anyway, who cares, because Susan finds Mrs. Huber's diary! I'm very much surprised that Felicia let it out of her clutches, unless she's trying to frame Mike? But, right, Susan finds Mrs. Huber's diary! And, of course, when Mike comes along, asking if Susan needs any help with those heavy empty boxes, she hides the diary between two boxes and shoos Mike off to go take care of his "plumbing emergency" (which, by the way, is my new euphemism for any type of gastro-intestinal disruption). As Mike gets into his truck, Susan shoots his retreating form a sad, searching look. So much for Susan's newfound unshakable trust. How long did that last, six hours? Cue ominous fluting!

Later that night, Julie and Susan sit in their car, watching Mike's house. Julie: "Mom, stalking? Are we really doing this? You just made such a huge deal to your friends about how much you trust [Mike] now." But that was before Susan found Mrs. Huber's journal! You see, Julie, trust is only something you have until something -- anything -- comes along to make you question it. Julie wonders what's in the journal, and Susan says, "It's not about what's in it; it's that he had it at all." Meaning Susan hasn't even bothered to read it. Even though she is a colossal snoop and the journal of a murdered woman neighbor is surely of no small interest. Then again, she managed to leave Mike's tell-all letter unsealed, so apparently she is capable of random acts of restraint. I don't see why she can't join forces with Mike: I could get behind them as a team of bumbling PIs whose investigations keep getting derailed by his accidental shootings and her endless naked pratfalls and their endless need to stop everything and start making out. Julie: "Mom, if you don't trust him, why are you moving in with him?" Exactly. Sweet Julie, you are a burning ray of reason, especially in comparison to your mother. Susan: "I don't have time to explain adult relationships to you. Oh! Duck down!" Mike is getting into his car.

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