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Goodbye For Now

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Goodbye For Now

Cut to Julie and Susan on the road. Julie thinks Susan's lost him, but Susan insists that Mike's just six cars ahead; if they get any closer, he'll see them. Julie points out that they can't see him either, and maybe Susan isn't so good at the art of tailing? Susan: "Oh yeah, when your father was cheating on me, I used to follow him all the time. I know my stuff." Susan? Shh! Your daughter can totally hear you! The truck turns off the road, and Susan follows it into a deserted park. Someone gets out of a car and slides into the passenger seat of the truck. Susan decides to go over there and find out what's what. Of course, she yanks open the truck door isn't Mike! It's just some guy in the middle of a tryst with an ample-busted woman who's already stripped down to her bra. Wow, they sure do work fast! Susan runs off, and the woman in the bra asks the man if that was his wife. "If that was my wife," he says, "would I be here with you?" I think he's implying that Susan is more attractive than his date, which is a truly chivalrous thought, but maybe he's saying he just likes random, impulsive, paranoid women such as Susan. And is that so wrong?

Meanwhile, at the hall of justice, Gabby is looking at a police sketch that is a dead ringer for Carlos. "They're charging you for a hate crime?" she asks, incredulous. Carlos asks her if she remembers how their cable guy was attacked. Gabby -- wearing a silver leather space blazer which I kind of like but which is maybe an odd choice for visiting someone in jail -- nods that, yes, she remembers. Well, Carlos confesses, that was him. Gabby sits there, staring. Carlos: "I thought you were cheating with him!" Gabby: "With our gay cable guy?" But Carlos didn't know the guy was gay! He didn't know Justin was either! That Carlos, he really does let his fists do the thinking. Carlos: "Now the cops think I'm some kind of serial gay basher." Gabby: "Well, you sort of are." Ha! Carlos yells that Gabby provoked him: "You pretended to have an affair just to punish me." Gabby -- clearly amazed by the windfall of that "pretended" -- stutters that, well, of course, yes, pretending! She was only pretending! Carlos tells Gabby that he needs her to lie again -- tell the cops that she was, indeed, having an affair, but that Carlos just beat up the wrong guy(s). Oh sweet irony! But you know something, Gabby is not going to lie for Carlos! Carlos: "Gabby, if this charge sticks, I get sent away for eight years." Gabby, not at all impressed, counters with the fact that, thanks to his little stunt with her birth-control pills, she's lost her freedom for the next eighteen years. And she walks on out of there. Wow, a silver space blazer, black micro-mini, and patchwork stack-heeled boots. Gabby is looking kind of nuts.

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