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Goodbye For Now

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Goodbye For Now

The second Mike is out of range, the smile cracks off Susan's face. Susan: "I cannot believe you are still coming on to him." Edie: "You said you two were finished. You thought he was a murderer." Susan: "And that was your cue to come over and flirt? You wasted your time. And your doughnuts." Edie, hissing: "Not if you choke on them." Edie walks off, and Susan tells Mike that she's going to run home to get some milk to go with those doughnuts. Mike says it's a shame Susan has to keep crossing over to her house. "Well, I can't have doughnuts and juice," says Susan. "It's unnatural." "No," Mike clarifies, "I mean we should move in together." Susan's face explodes into fireworks of glee. Mike asks her what she has to say, and she kisses him and says "ooh" and "umm," and then "hold that thought," then she runs after Edie, who's driving away in her convertible. "Edie, Edie!" she yells. "Stop!" Edie asks just what is it now? Grumpy, grumpy! Susan says that she wants to apologize for gloating back there with the doughnuts. Edie thanks Susan -- pretty sincerely, I think -- saying that it's very big of Susan to apologize. Susan: "And on a completely unrelated topic, Mike and I are moving in together. See ya!" And then she skips and hoots back up to Mike's. Huh, that was kind of mean, Susan. Edie does a "wow" sort of look and drives off.

MAVO: "Yes, Edie needed the attention of men to feel good about herself." Edie pulls up next to the construction site. "Hey Cyrus!" she yells to the goofy construction worker. Does he have plans for lunch, she wonders? He does not. MAVO: "And even she was amazed how far she was willing to go to get it." "Ellsburg Hotel. Half an hour. Welcome to the majors!" And she drives away, leaving a very stoked looking construction worker in her wake. Roll the credits!

MAVO: "Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Mullens were finally leaving Wisteria Lane." A older couple I don't recall ever seeing marches out of a house with a "for sale" sign plunged into its front lawn. "In the past year, their street had played host to arson, violence, blackmail, and murder." The Mullens look decidedly harassed, as though they expect a drunken youth to run them over with his brand-new car, or a man to jump out and bash their heads in with a blender. "Fearing they too would be infected by this moral decay, the Mullens felt it was time to say goodbye. Strangely enough, none of their neighbors even noticed they were moving out." As they get into the kind of generic large, blue, and boxy American car favored by nervous parents, we see why the neighborhood is so distracted: a shirtless hot male torso enters the frame, looming large and in charge. The Mullens pulls away, and Gabby comes out of her house to offer Justin, who is mowing the lawn, a bottle of water. Justin declines sullenly. Gabby asks how his roommate is doing, and Justin laughs like "what do you care" and says, "He's hanging in there," no thanks to Gabby -- who, by the way, is wearing a turquoise halter jog bra and fitted black running pants, as if she were anticipating some sort of aerobic workout. Perhaps the selfless act of bringing someone else water is indeed a heart-rate-raising strain for the likes of Gabrielle? She tries to explain the situation with Gardener John while keeping things as vague as possible, saying how she recently had to deliver John some...upsetting news. "Yeah, no kidding," Justin scoffs. Gabby is all, "Excuse me?" Justin: "Where do you get off telling John he's not good enough to raise that child? That kid could be his." Gabby scolds that theirs is a complicated situation. The situation, however, seems pretty clear to Justin: "You're an unfeeling bitch!" Gabby: Slap! Cut to Carlos, watching the whole scene from inside, with a face that is all question marks. Gabby stomps inside, slamming the door behind her. "Why'd you hit the lawn boy?" Carlos says. Gabby, clearly surprised by the sudden appearance of Carlos, quickly recovers: "Well, if you saw what he did to our begonias, you'd slap him, too." And up the stairs she goes.

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