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Goodbye For Now

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Goodbye For Now

Lynette is walking into Tom's office, carrying a half-flat of grocery-store cake, the kind with the inch-thick Crisco frosting. ["My favourite! Seriously, it is. Loves me some icing." -- Wing Chun] "Welcome back Dugan," it reads. Lynette is wearing a pretty sundress and a light dusting of makeup -- all in all, a good showing. Tom gives a surprised "Hey Lynette," and asks what she's doing there. Apparently, Dugan's back in the office today, recovered from his heart attack, and Lynette just, you know, wanted to do something special for him. Such as bring him a Crisco-frosting welcome-back cake. "Uh huh," says Tom, "and this wouldn't have anything to do with you checking up on me and Annabel." Lynette tries to play dumb, but the facts do not lie: yesterday, she brought Tom pictures of the kids; the day before, soup. Tom: "Lynette, honey? It's got to stop." Lynette tells Tom a couple times how she does not fear Annabel. Then who should sweep by but Annabel, looking very office-sexy in rolled-back sleeves and a pencil skirt. "Ha, speak of the devil," Lynette says. "And I mean that." Wait a minute, I thought that last week Lynette and Tom had gotten past the Annabel issue, what with their empowering Nighttime Necessities outfits. But now we're right back to Lynette being paranoid and clingy? Sigh.

Lynette and her cake follow Annabel into the lunchroom. Annabel comments that Lynette's becoming a regular fixture around the office. Lynette sticks to her story: she's there because she wanted to do something nice for Dugan. Annabel: "I suppose filling his blood stream with butterfat might be considered nice." Lynette: "Actually, it's fruit-juice-sweetened. Can I cut you? [Big pause] A piece?" From the other room we hear boss Peterson gathering the troops. Apparently, Dugan had a relapse last night and he isn't coming back after all. And since they're officially down a man, everyone has to step up. Peterson doles out some of Dugan's accounts to people in the office, and he gives Annabel the lead on the "Traveler's Hotel chain." She leaves for Hawaii in three days. Annabel insists that she can't handle Traveler's all by herself, especially if they're "moving into print." I've always thought businesses typically started out with print advertising and then, as they began making more money, to television, but maybe the Hawaiian Traveler's Hotel heretofore limited itself to web promotion? Skywriting? Peterson agrees, and allows Annabel to pick someone to take with her. Because it's not like they're a man down or anything -- now's the perfect time to put two people on a one-person job. And Annabel? Picks Tom. Surprise. Lynette -- who's been bustling around her cake this whole time-- sort of leans toward Annabel, cake knife in hand, and Tom, without even turning his head, senses her menacing form and puts his hand up to restrain her. Annabel gives them both a "take that" smile.

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