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Goodbye For Now

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Goodbye For Now

Later, Felicia and Zana go through Paul's box together. Zana is reading a letter out loud: "'I realize now that I treated you badly. I'm the one who needs help, not you. So I have to go away for a while. In the meantime, Mrs. Tilman will look out for you.'" Here we get an intense close-up of Felicia grasping Zana's hand. Don't get me wrong, I love Felicia, but there's something kind of "point for me on this dolly where she touched you" about the way she grasps him here. "I don't consider it a burden," Felicia tells Zana, which feels a little out of the blue, like when someone says, "I don't think you're fat at all," and you're all, "Fat? Who said anything about fat, I was just wondering what kind of cake to...oh." Zana continues reading the letter, which explains that inside the box are some things to comfort Zana in CreePaul's absence -- most specifically a mitt for Zana to use to practice his curve ball. Zana, clearly upset, stands up, stuttering that he doesn't understand: why didn't CreePaul come and see him before he left? Zana rummages through the box, and then suddenly starts yelling. "He thinks I can take comfort in this junk? I hate baseball! You'd think he would know that!" He throws the some stuff around, looking supremely crazy, and stomps out of the room. Felicia picks up a photo of MA from the floor and tsks sadly. Then she reaches for the mitt, gives a "hmm" sort of look, and slips the glove on her hand, thereby unearthing -- what's this? A note from CreePaul. "I didn't leave you," the note reads. "Meet me at the baseball field. Thursday at midnight." Felicia smiles the smile of someone forming an evil plan, and crumples the note into her fist.

Meanwhile, over at the Edie-manufactured intervention, Gabby peeks out the window from behind a curtain, and then whispers that Susan's coming. "Okay, guys, interventions are never pretty, so stay strong," Edie coaches, "because she's probably going to cry." Susan thinks she's there for a cooking lesson, which is why she's wearing an apron and carrying two shopping bags stuffed with whisks and ladles and oven mitts. They're all over at Bree's house, which is without one iota of a doubt stocked with all those things already, but okay. Susan is surprised to find everyone there; she didn't realize this was going to be a group activity. "Well, the more the merrier," she says, "as long as nobody makes fun of my lousy crepes." Susan is bubbling over with happiness in this scene. Everyone laughs nervously, and finally Susan notices that something is up. "How come I'm the only one," she says in a little baby voice, "wearing an apron?"

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