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Goodbye For Now

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Goodbye For Now

Over at the Van De Kamps', George is sitting across the street in his car, watching Bree and Rex get into their car and drive away. And then, all of a sudden, he's inside the house. As an observant someone pointed out on the boards, you wouldn't imagine the Van De Kamp house being such easy pickings, what with Bree's NRA membership and all, but sure, George's interests are myriad, and apparently they include both a love of bonsai and a little B&E. George is switching Rex's pills, filling the bottle with pills from an envelope of what I'm guessing are the pills that Rex should have been taking all along. George is covering his tracks! Very smart. Next he goes through some drawers until he finds Bree's underthings. He selects a matching bra and panty set, along with a pair of thigh-high stockings, and lays them out on the bed in a pattern that more or less approximates the female form. He takes out a camera and, smiling an entirely repulsive smile, snaps a picture. Next, he goes through their closet and unearths Rex's cardboard box of cuffs and codpiece and riding crop. I can't imagine Bree putting up with a funky cardboard box like that: surely she'd insist on a nice, stylish box with, say, a lock? ["At the very least, a handsome faux wood caddy from Restoration Hardware." -- Wing Chun] And, for the second time tonight, we see the smile of someone hatching an evil, evil plan.

Rex and Bree are at the doctor's office, where Rex's doctor is telling him he is calling in another doctor to consult on Rex's case. The doctor gets paged and leaves. Bree puts on a brave face and tells Rex that she has a feeling he's going to be just fine. Rex is very depressed, though. Apparently Lee Craig, his doctor, has the biggest ego ever, and the only time he'd ever call someone else in is when he's completely stumped. Which means that Rex is screwed. Bree tries again to comfort him, but he erupts: "Dammit, Bree, don't you see what's going on here? I could die!" Bree informs Rex that so could she -- why, tomorrow she could get run over by a car -- the point of which eludes Rex. Bree: "All I'm saying is we're both going to die eventually," faint violin again, "and in the time we have left, whether it's two days or two decades, I think that we should be nice to each other." Rex agrees, and the scene ends abruptly.

Mike rings Felicia's doorbell, looking for CreePaul, whom he spotted dropping off that box. Felicia: "If I did know where Mr. Young was, why would I tell you?" Mike tries to reassure her that, despite what the police suspect, Mike didn't kill Felicia's sister. Felicia: "And you think Paul did?" Mike hems and haws, but Felicia tells him that he has to admit it's a neat theory, adding, "Care for a snack?"

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