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Traitor Lynette walks up to Mrs. McC as she's checking her mail and offers her old heinous babysitting job back, without so much as a "sorry" or a "whoops" for not even bothering to inform Mrs. McC that her services weren't wanted in the first place. Mrs. McC: "Are you sure you want the Wisteria Witch looking after you kids?" Lynette assures her that all the little Scavos know that Mrs. McC is no witch. To which she responds, "Too bad. I could use the leverage." Lynette tells her how much she was missed, and they share a nice quiet moment. And then Mrs. McC asks for a raise; with the pension gone, she's "kinda strapped."

Lynette comes inside to deliver Tom the happy news about Mrs. McC's return as babysitter. Tom, fresh from his Kayla scare, has some good news of his own to report: despite it only being six weeks since his surgery -- only that long? That means it's only been six weeks since Lynette cried over Tom's maybe-dead body? Which means, wow, that Tootie crush has come on fast -- and even though the doctor said it would be five months before it was safe for him to return to a standing-heavy job like running a restaurant, Tom's totally coming back to work! More good news? They no longer have to pay Tootie's salary, since they can let him go! Tom watches Lynette closely to see how she takes the news, and the results of his test aren't encouraging. She strenuously argues that they keep Tootie on staff -- though, to her credit, Tootie did just get the restaurant a great review just one scant week ago, so it'd be idiotic to let him go now. Lynette: "He's got a lot of fans out there." Tom, looking glum: "Does he really?"

Ida stops off at Susan's house to deliver some misdirected mail, and also the big gossip that Mike's moved! And he left no forwarding address! Huh, do you think Carlos will just take over the lease, or will they return him to the condo that's supposedly been under construction all this time? Or, wait! Did Carlos just make up that story so he could live on Wisteria Lane and be near to Gabby! Ohhhhh.

And now, finally, finally the MAVO WRAP-UP! And again, this week's secret ingredient is GOSSIP.

MA tells us about the "careless talk that deals in polite fiction" down at the Scavoria, where two employees dish about how they'd love a promotion, but apparently it takes flirting with Lynette to land one. Tootie, who overhears the comment, looks ill.

Then there's "nasty speculation that's based on not-so-polite fact": Jordana (again!) and some other Wisterian power-walk down the Lane, wagging that "he may be dating Edie, but everyone knows he's still in love with Gabby." And sitting, reading a book behind a bunch of foliage but well within earshot, is none other than Edie. Aww, that stinks. I still think Edie's treatment of Mike was the pits, but if Carlos is indeed still in love with Gabby as MA has just confirmed, then Edie needs to move on and find someone that's truly deserves her and is in a position to act on it.

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