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MAVO: "How do we protect ourselves from the venomous sting of such idle gossip?" A kid rides up on his bike and stops next to Mrs. McC, who's sweeping off her front walkway, and he stutter-asks if she's the old lady who kept a body in her freezer? MAVO continues: "The best way is to just tell the truth." Mrs. McC semi-sadly confirms that she's the one, all right. And then she leans in and whisper-yells, "SCARY, AREN'T I?" The kid jumps and rabbits off. MAVO: "And wait for people to start talking about someone else." And with the apparent close of Mrs. McC's arc, and Wisteria Lane virtually mystery-free for the first time in I think ever, I'm guessing we'll be meeting that gossip-churning "someone else" soon enough, yay!

Next week: The Shoo-In Mayor becomes the Actual Mayor, and Susan follows Mike into the woods and does a lot of tripping and falling. Wait a second, isn't Felicia living off the grid in some woodsy spot these days? Oh boy!

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Desperate Housewives




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