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Is that really all the story Mrs. McC is going to tell? If so, why didn't she come clean with the story from the get-go? Or maybe this is just a cover story! For some much darker secret! I totally wouldn't be surprised -- I suspect Mrs. McC's still waters run Loch-Ness-deep. Also, if this whole pension story is true, shouldn't Mrs. McC be in the pokey for fraud? Oh man, what if the reason they didn't arrest her is that she was within her legal rights to cash those checks? How awesome if the writers let her discover that she'd frozen Gilbert for no whatsoever! Hello? Is anyone listening to this?

Susan shows up on Mike's doorstep and confesses that she's been in therapy ("sort-of-a-court-ordered-thing, anyway..." she mutters hilariously), and she has an announcement. And if you thought her announcement is that she's going back to Mike (like I totally did), you thunk WRONG! She's sticking with Ian! Bizarrely enough. And I'm shocked to say that this news actually made me feel a bit melancholy, which is so weird; after spending a year looking at Mike's slack-jawed zombie face, I would have thought for sure I'd be celebrating the day Susan finally closed the chapter on Mike. But I'm kind of sad! Maybe it's because James Denton has been letting actual emotions through these last couple episodes? Or, more likely, maybe it's lingering Season 1 affection? But it's true: when Susan tells him how sorry she is, and he tells her, "At least I have my memories," I actually sniffled. So there.

Lynette and Tootie are juuuust about ready to leave on their big date, a.k.a. the "competitive research analysis," and Lynette's hair is down, just like Tootie likes it, and she's wearing a really cute little top that shows off her arms, and we even catch her putting on a little perfume. But just then, Tom rolls in with all the kids -- he's taken a bunch of extra pain pills and put all the kids in a cab, just to surprise her. And even though Tom's been so awful as of late, I instantly feel sorry for the guy. Especially when Lynette lies about how her perfumey smell is just the "basil" which has a "sweet smell." Dude, why not just lie that you had to cover up the sweaty stench of restaurant with a strong perfume? That lie is worrisome. Though not as worrisome as the fact that she actually purchased a new perfume for this date. Lynette sneaks back to tell Tootie that their date is off, and he readily volunteers to cook for the family, which is nice, and also makes me wonder if he's nearly as crushed out on her as she is on him? Maybe she's just one of the few people he can talk to, now that he's sober? And maybe he's just one of those confusing men who say stuff like "you look beautiful with your hair down," but don't actually want to throw you down on a table and put ants in your picnic basket? Whatever his actual motivation, though, Kayla spies a suspicious-seeming moment between Lynette and Tootie: when he offers to stay at the restaurant and cook, she pats his chest and sort of rubs it, which is...pretty intimate. Kayla's eyes narrow evilly. And then later...

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