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Burnin' Love

Dylan is being suspiciously helpful to Katherine. Katherine's not buying it at first, but Dylan keeps selling it until Katherine calls her a "lovely young woman." So then Dylan goes out and hops into Wayne's car, naturally.

As Mary Alice takes us home with a speech about rule-breaking and forgiveness, Tom and Lynette stand over their two sleeping arsonists, wondering what to do now. Dylan and Wayne enjoy a coffee date. Susan joins Mike at the mirror, so they can gaze at him together. The three Solises -- Carlos, Gabby, and Roxy -- cuddle in bed , as Gabby even strokes the dog's fur. Bree drops Orson's photo in the trash. And Orson sits and cries in a hotel room, either out of crushing guilt or because the place was decorated in the early seventies and it's making his eyes water.

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Desperate Housewives




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