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Mrs. McCluskey and Roberta are finally at the doctor's office, and asking about Dave Williams. The receptionist is all, "Who?!" But then she says she's not at liberty to discuss it, and she is sure the doctor wouldn't either. I don't know how much time has passed, but since they were going to find the doctor way back when the fire happened, shouldn't they have been there by now? And shouldn't the receptionist know the doctor's dead? Or have they really not been able to identify the body? It has to have been at least a few weeks, since everyone's healed and at home, so this timeline is really out of whack. Anyway, the sisters pressure the receptionist, saying Dr. Heller's going to want to know all about the stuff Dave's been doing. They ask when the doctor will be there, but the receptionist doesn't know, so the ladies wait.

Gaby's looking at herself in the mirror in her new shoes when Carlos comes in. She tells him the good news: She got him a job working for Bradley. He says that's nice, but he actually just got a job. She thinks that's fantastic, and thinks maybe they can get Bradley and the other job in a bidding war. Carlos says he's working at the community center, with the blind, which offers the perks of "making the world a better place" and "personal fulfillment." Gaby says working with the blind isn't that fulfilling, and that he should trust her since she's spent the past five years doing it. Carlos wants to give something back to the people who were there for him when he lost his sight. Plus, he thinks Bradley's kind of an ass, and there's no way he's working for him. He leaves the room, and Gaby calls Bradley and says Carlos is "intrigued," and invites him over to dinner to seal the deal.

Lee and Susan are arriving at the club, and she's acting like an idiot, saying she wants to "Boogie-oogie-oogie." Lee: "God, you really haven't been out in a while." Her phone rings, and he goes to get drinks. She answers and it's Jackson. We only hear her side of the conversation, but he tells her something that surprises her.

Bree walks out of her front door to find Melina sitting on the front porch drinking beer and smashing the cans. Bree says they actually have patio furniture in the backyard, along with recycling bins. Melina's just fine on the front porch. The boys walk up and tell their mothers that Edie was showing them houses. They loved the Adams house, but will only be able to afford it if they find a way to move it next to a toxic waste dump. Melina looks at the price and tells them they could come up to where she lives and get a five-bedroom house on the lake for this price. Bree says that's nice, but Alex's practice is here. Melina says it is now, but there are also sick people in Oakdale. Bree says those people already have a doctor, just like Alex's patients in Fairview have him. Man, if this gets any pettier, I might have to just skip entire scenes to avoid reverting to first-grade playground bickering. Melina says that's fine if they want to stay in the tiny apartment; who cares if the other doctors make fun. Alex says this is something they should talk about, because Andrew would really like Oakdale. Andrew's open to it, and thinks they should go this weekend and look around. They walk inside. Bree asks Melina what she's doing, and Melina plays innocent: She's just helping them live the American dream. And she adds that if they move up near her, she'll let Bree have them for Christmas.

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