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Melina tells the boys she has good news: She talked to a doctor in Oakdale who's retiring and would love for Alex to take over his practice. Alex is excited, and says it could be a good opportunity. Bree says it's a good opportunity for Andrew to commute five hours to his job. Andrew isn't sure, but Alex says it's the only way they can afford a house, and if they're going to have kids... Bree breaks in, "You're going to have kids?" And Melina says that's perfect, because she can look after them. She wants to toast to seal the deal, to Oakdale. Bree looks panicked, and then blurts, "I bought you the Adams house!" Andrew: "What?" Orson: "What?" Melina: "What?" She says it was going to be a surprise wedding gift, but this Oakdale thing has forced her to show her hand. Andrew says it's way too generous, and Melina agrees that it is. Bree says it's nothing Melina wouldn't do. Alex says he doesn't know what to say, but that he totally loves Bree for this. She tells him she loves him too, then asks Orson to pour Melina more wine. He whispers to her, "Calling Edie, are you?" She says he knows it.

Carlos arrives home to find Gaby with Bradley and his wife, Maria, who she says dropped by for dinner. He wants to talk to her in private, where he asks why Bradley's here. She wants him to listen to what Bradley has to say, and if at the end of the evening he's still not interested, she'll support him completely. He agrees. Except, watch out, Carlos. Gaby's not telling you the truth. What she means is that she'll support you if you work with Bradley.

Bradley's telling a story over dinner about how he bought a company, laid everyone off, outsourced the work force, and now it's profitable. Gaby says that's impressive, and Carlos agrees: "It'll be a great story to tell all the other CEOs in hell." Bradley says he's just taking care of his kids. Maria says she has a picture of the kids in her purse and asks Bradley if he wants to see how many of them he can name. Bradley: "More wine, Maria?" Gaby asks what a typical workweek would look like. Bradley says there's lots of international travel. Maria says it's really fun to sit alone in a five-star hotel, while Bradley's out crushing the Third World. Carlos tells Bradley he appreciates the offer, but he's just not interested. Bradley asks why he can't do his work with the deaf on the weekends, and Carlos says, "First of all, because they're blind." Maria laughs and almost spits out her wine. She tells Carlos not to listen to Gaby, because he's a good man who wants to help people, and will be worth more than Bradley even if he never makes a penny. She tells Bradley she'd like a divorce and walks out. Gaby asks Bradley if eye care is included, because that's a big issue for Carlos.

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