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Edie wakes up in the middle of the night, and she's in bed alone. She wanders downstairs where Creepy Dave's sitting at the dining room table whispering things like, "Just a little bit longer" and "You look so beautiful" and "I miss you so much." Edie walks up to comfort him, whispering "Dave," but he jumps backward and accidentally pushes/hits her. He says he's sorry, but she scared him. Edie asks who he was talking to, but he says no one. She says she heard him, but he says he's not feeling well. She asks who in the hell he was talking to, and he says, "Leave me alone," and walks off.

Lynette is driving Preston somewhere at night. He is confused about where she's going, since he thought they were going to the store. He asks where they are, but she just starts talking about how much she loves her kids and would do anything for them. She didn't know it was possible to love another human being so completely before she became a mother. She feels this need to protect them. Preston's confused. She says she will never let Warren Schilling kill Porter. She explains that they're outside of a bar that Warren goes to every night, and that tonight when he leaves she's going to do what she has to to make sure her family is safe. She asks him to get out of the car, because he can't be in it when this happens. He asks if she's serious, and she looks deadly serious. She tells him to get out and starts to cry. He tells her to stop it and says he gets it: He'll call Porter and tell him not to worry about Mr. Schilling. She says he will convince Porter to come back home. He shuts his door and they drive away. Okay, wow. Lynette is crazy. I'm not convinced that even was a bar Warren frequents.

Carlos and Gaby are in their room, and he reminds her she said she'd support any decision he made after hearing Bradley out. He tells her that he can either do something fulfilling and feel good about himself or take a job he hates that will crush his soul. She tells him he can let his family continue to sacrifice or he can grow up and make real money, and look after his family like they've been doing for him. He reminds her what these jobs are like: He'll never be home. It will take a toll on the family. She says not paying the bills has taken a toll, too. He asks her to please not make him do this, but she just looks at him. Then he calls Bradley and accepts the job. She kisses him, and walks into her closet, satisfied with her pair of gold shoes and the dreams of many more such pairs. She has no idea what she's getting herself into, though she should based on how much they used to hate each other when he was successful.

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