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Susan goes to Lee's, and awkwardly asks him, "When you spent the night, did we get it on?" He tells her she's insane, and points out the opera he's listening to and the kimono he's wearing. In other words, he's GAY, remember? He asks why she'd think that, and she says he was mad at Bob and she sometimes sabotages relationships. He says she didn't this time. She's glad that she can move in with Jackson with a clear conscience. He asks why she's moving in with Jackson. She says, "Because he loves me." Which is enough information for me to know: 1) It will not happen and 2) It's a terrible idea. Lee asks if she loves him, and she says she's "getting there." She knows that she and Mike will never get back together, and she really needs to move on. Lee points out that moving on doesn't have to mean moving in. Susan says Jackson doesn't do well with long distance, so she could lose him. Lee tells her to lose him. She says she needs a man in her life, and he asks why? "We're so useless." Susan: "But you are fun to dance with." They hug and she looks sad. He tells her to tell Jackson she's not ready, and he'll dance with her until someone better comes along. She doesn't say anything. Just gives him a kiss and leaves. So, we went from Susan wanting to be with Jackson to wanting to get over Mike to wanting to be with any man? God, I cannot stand her. Seriously, Jackson, move on. You deserve better than flaky, flighty, selfish Susan.

Preston's on the phone begging Porter to talk to mom for five seconds. He says "Do it for me, man, okay?" And then he hands the phone to Lynette. She asks where he is, but he won't tell her. She asks him to come home, saying everything will be fine. He doesn't think that's possible, since either Warren Schilling will kill him or he'll end up in jail. She says they can get a restraining order to protect him, and Bob thinks there's a good shot at getting the case dismissed. She says there's no evidence against him, and he needs to trust her. He says he does trust her, but then his Grandma Stella takes his phone from him and hangs it up, telling him not to trust her. She fell for that once, and look where it got her. She gestures at the room, but I have no idea what it is. Her room in Glen's house? Or has she been put into a home or something since last we saw her? If so, it looks like a nice, private room at least. And apparently it's one where you can have your grandson move in..

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